Thursday, December 2, 2010

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

{I shamelessly copy this sensational idea from this blog for awkward and awesome moments from my week. enjoy!!}


{bundled up for the annual Christmas parade}

{A W K W A R D}
:: Pulling up to the 'credit' lane to pay my parking lot ticket and after trying to feed the machine my ticket about 37 different ways, it still read "Unrecognizable ticket". I have to back up my poor little car and tell the lady at the 'cash' window that I can't get their machine to work.
:: My computer screen that still doesn't work. "Hello people, why is this awkward that I am hovering over my laptop with the screen at a 20 degree angle. What's not normal about this?!"
:: The horrific screeching a random belt in my car makes when ever it starts. Sounds something close to a witch being boiled in hot oil. Lovely.
:: Standing at the security line at the airport with huge tears running down my face. Trying to make that last hug last forever...
:: Having my boss ask me to turn on the baby monitor, which I promptly do. Upon hearing no noise, I switch the channel from 'X' to 'Y'... doesn't that loud noise sound like a fan blowing?! Several hours later when we are sitting down to eat, I ask which channel it should be on and as I switch it, baby's screams come across the line loud and clear.
:: Bad time management which makes me 110% positive I will make my man miss his flight. Kick start my lightening fast driving and asking God to make the sun stand still.
:: Introducing Captain Awesome to plethora's of people whose names I can't remember {"This is my boyfriend, Adam and this is ... ..."}


{A W E S O M E}
:: Helping Captain Awesome pick out a brand new snazzy shirt and having him handsomely escort me to a wedding. Happy happy day...
:: Listening to my favorite aussie songs that have such good memories from my awesome trip last month
:: Shopping with my amazingly patient man for the much desired tall boots and random cute necklaces {Ok baby, which brown boots?! Should I really be spending my money for this?! The silver leaf necklace or gold?!} He really is my hero.
:: A sappy card with lots of loving, sweet scrawling notes that is passed to me just as {H E} walks through the security line
:: 3D showing of Tangled with the whole entire theater to ourselves {which means we can laugh, talk and makes jokes all the way through the showing}
:: Christmas favs blaring across the radio station
:: Getting an outfit inspiration as I lay in bed and getting a {bowchicawow} from Captain Awesome the next day
:: Dates to the children's section at Barnes and Noble and reading our favorite kids books to each other

What are your awkward and awesome moments from this week?! I wanna hear them all!!