Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Answer - Part 6

Olivia asked:
1. Do you have a fav. Disney character and why?
Not really... we didn't have a tv for most of my middle growing up years... so I don't particularly have a fav... well, I do love Nemo in Finding Nemo! Actually, I love his dad, Marlin, more! I totally love the turtles... and also am in love with Dorry!!!
2. If you could decorate your room in anyway how would you do it?
Anything that would be more organized... but in a trendy, fashionable way!
3. What's your fav. sport to play?
I really like baseball/softball... notice I didn't say I am good at it!
4. Who's your fav. author besides those in the Bible.
Elisabeth Elliot (are you seeing a trend here?!)... Laura Ingalls Wilder... Dr. Suess...
5. What's your fav. quote (I might have already asked this)?
"Wherever you are, be all to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God." Jim Elliot
6. Do you have any hobbies?
I like blogging... reading... shopping... is that a hobby?!
7. When did you become a Christian (this one might have already been asked also)?
I asked Christ into my heart when I was about five or so, be really rededicated my life to him when I was almost fifteen.
8. What's your fav. scent of soap?
9. Would you ever dye your hair and if so, what color?
No... I love my red hair!
10. Did you ever wish you had and older sibling or do you like being the oldest? Why or why not?
I like being the oldest... tho' I always wanted an older brother! I just thought that would be really cool to have a big guy lookin' out for you, besides your dad!
11. What was your fav. children's book as a child?
This is bad... but I don't really know. But I did really like 'The Rumpoles and Barleys' stories!
* * *
Ok, guys... you all did an awesome job with all the questions! I wish the contest was going longer... I've had a lot of fun! I know that I have not gotten all the questions answered yet... but never fear, they will be entered into the final count tomorrow! I want to answer the questions with some coherant-ness... which I think I am loosing at this late hour. So stay tuned for the winner which will be announced tomorrow morning... and then the rest of your questions answered soon after! Thank you all again! I hope you have had as much fun and that you know me a little bit better!

We'll talk again soon...

A Redo

Can you guess what I did?!

Still Time.

Just wanted to let you all know that all questions asked before midnight tonight will still be included in the contest... so keep asking!! Then tomorrow... a random name will be drawn... and the WINNER announced!!!
Until then... happy asking!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Totals!! (so far)

I have a long last decided where the prize will come from!! I am really excited about this! It will be something from this really fun online store!!
Thanks to everyone who contributed questions... those who are still waiting, your answers are coming soon!
Help finish out the contest strong. There are only three days left! So ask away!
Here are the current contributors and their totals:
Michaela - 6
Tori - 17
Lydia - 7
Allison - 6
Olivia - 26
Louise - 1
Morgan - 15
Sam - 1
Chelsy - 14

Answers - Part 5

Chelsy asked:
1. Do you have a role model/person you admire?
My mom is amazingly resilient... I love Elisabeth Elliot's life lived for Christ and His cause, despite extreme trials and tests... My Dad is this earth's most amazing servant... All my fellow young people who are living out what it means to "live as Christ".
2. Favorite flower?
Let's see... I think I told another girl that I like roses. Especially if they come from special people...and no, it's not what you're thinking. Special people like my Dad or my brother, Chris!
3. Favorite song?
Blessed Be Your Name by Tree63
4. How many times a day do you call you siblings?:)
Let's see... I probably call them about 3-5 times and they call me about double that or more!
5. How many jobs have you had?
Secretary for a in-home chiropractor... secretary for a lawn furniture sales business... nanny for an indian family... an in-home helper for a family in our homeschool group... a nanny for the Gehman's... a helper for the Millers... and way too many babysitting jobs to count!
6. What are some goals you have for this year?
Well... grow closer to God. That has already been happening! I am really excited! Developing closer friendships with people that honor God. And so on and so forth...
7. Favorite Bible verse?
1 Peter 2:9
8. If you could get a free ticket to ANY concert....who would you chose to hear/see perform?
You, my darling Chelsy and your sweet family!
9-what would you name your first 2 kids? (1 boy name and 1 girl name)
Oh Chels, you can't limit this questions cuz I can't just pick two... so here's my partial fav list!
Boys: William (Will for short), Lincoln, Lewis, Lucas, Cameron
Girls: Martha Grace, Rebecca, Eliana, Charlotte
Ok, so I know I have a ton of other favorites but I am drawing a total blank... so I will return at a later date with a special post of my fav names! 
10. Do you just LOVE bananas?!?!:)
11. If you had 3 hours to do WHATEVER, what would you do?
Shop.  Be with friends.  
12. What's your favorite place to shop? in other words, fav. store?
I like Old Navy and Kohls... I also like Bath and Body Works... Book stores are awesome... and antique shops.
13.  How about favorite clothing brand?
Whatever's price is right!  
14.  Do you have a pet peeve?
Ok, this is gonna really sound off the wall, but it really bugs me when people dial a '1' on a cell phone before the area code when it's not needed.  It wrecks up the continuity of the list of dialed numbers.  (sorry. *smile*)  I'm sure I have other pet peeves, but I can't exactly thinking of anything glaring at the moment!

* * * 

Chels... sorry I took so long to get to your questions.  They were temporarily lost in the shuffle.  Love ya!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Answers - Part 4

Michaela asked:
1. If tomorrow were the last day you had to live, how would you spend your last hour? And with Whom?
I would definitely spend it with my family... not exactly sure doing what... honestly, if I knew it for real, we would probably spend it bawling and crying and hugging and talking. But if I didn't know, but did know, we'd probably just be together.
2. Do you forget somthin' of yours every time you visit someone’s house???
Ahem. You just had to ask this question! Well, you already know that either Tiff or I always forget at least one thing at your house. Not usually at other people's house.

Tori asked:
1. What are your nicknames?
Nic... Cole
2. What color is the shirt you're wearing right now?
A slightly faded yellow, long-sleeved tee shirt.
3. Have you ever been outside the country? If so, where?
4. What is your favorite season?
Fall... totally. With spring and winter second runners-up
5. Describe your dream home.
Big. A huge laundry room with double washers and dryers. An awesome library with lots of built in bookshelves. A really huge, but cozy master bedroom. Lots of kids rooms. A big kitchen with lots of counter and cupboard space. An open staircase. A wrap-around front porch. An all-purpose, easy to clean mud room. Ok, as you can see, this does hinge on the fact that I have a large family someday! *smile*
6. What time to do you go to bed at night?
Depends. Usually no earlier than ten... but it has been as late as four am!
7. Do you like toe socks?
Never had a pair... but I don't think so.
8. What is your most embarrassing moment? If you're like me, there are too many to try to pinpoint just one! :-)
I don't have embarrasing moments! Haha! Probably the time that we were at a friends for a birthday party... (a kid birthday party that is) We were playing kickball and as I was rounding third, headed for home, my new skirt fell to my ankles. (The tie came undone.) I did have something on underneath tho'... and it was just little kids around! Arah!

Lydia asked:
1. Would you rather have fruit or candy?
Depends. I LOVE watermelon!!! But there are some candies that I really like... I have to be in the mood tho'. Chocolate trumps all tho'... every time!!
2. Favorite color?
3. Favorite flower?
Dunno... I like roses. (Ok. That is so cliche!)
4. Have you ever seen the President?
Yup. We went to a Bush rally in '04 and got to sit off to the side where he was speaking! We actually came about five feet from getting something signed by him, but the security guys whisked him away. Too bad.
5. Your favorite store?
I like Old Navy. Kohls. Not necessarily a fav tho'.
6. Do you sew?
I can... it's not my fav thing tho'!
7. What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?
Probably when our house was struck by lightening in the middle of the night when I was about 11 or 12!!

Allison asked:
1. Who's your best friend(other than Jesus)?
My sis Tiffany!!!
2. Who's you're favorite Bible character?
3. Are you an early-bird or a lay-a-bed?(ok, let me say "Do you prefer to get up late?":D)
Totally staying up late! I am a pain to get out of bed in the morning!!
4. What is your favorite violin piece to play?
Orange Blossom Special!!
5. What's your favorite book of the Bible?(or did someone already ask this one?)
6. Do you enjoy writing?(articles, letters, e-mails, etc.)
LOVE IT!! I think my fav outlet is blogging.

A Snack

Here's the bestest time of day at our house! (That is, second to naptime!!) *smile*

...again... don't know why there's all this extra space at the top. i had it saved as a draft and everytime i open the draft, it adds a ton of space. let me know if you know the reason why! or how to get rid of it!! :P

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Answers - Part 3

Olivia asked:
1. Do you like to swim?
I like showers!? For real tho', I kinda swim like a rock... but yes, I love being in water.
2. What's your favorite Bible verse?
My life verse is 1Peter 2:9 "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of Him who hath called you into darkness into his marvellous light."
3. What's your favorite book of the Bible?
4. What year did you graduate in?
2005 -- and I love that cuz' '05 just sounds like such an even number of a year to graduate... yes, that's my small bit of nerdiness coming out!
5. What's you favorite outfit?
Uh... I love jean skirts and tee shirts... for dressing up, I love a good black skirt, adorable button-up dress shirt, a suit coat and beautiful high heel shoes!!
6. What's your favorite kind of shoe (e.i. heels, flip-flops, etc.)
Depends on my mood... in the summer, I LOVE flip-flops!! But I also really love high heels - even tho' I am 5'9"!
7. What was your favorite toy as a child?
Ok, this will date me... but Mom said I really liked "My Little Ponies" and also Tiff and I loved "Pet Shop". The real thing tho'... not these chunky-dunky junk they sell today. These were real-like little animals! Way fun! (I think I'm gonna go play now!!)
8. If you could meet anybody in the world now, who would it be and why?
My future husband... so I could know who he is! *smile* Elisabeth Elliot... her life-testimony has been such an influence in my life and it would be cool to sit and talk with her.
9. If you could meet anybody from the past, who would it be and why?
David... from the Bible that is. Or Esther. How where they able to stand up to the giants of their day?? How can that apply to my life today??
10. What's your favorite magazine?
This sounds really crazy, but I enjoy parenting magazines and also sometimes get a kick out of exercise magazines, tho' they are rather self condemning! Arghhh.
11. What's your favorite ice-cream flavor?
Bunny Tracks!!
12. What's your favorite song?
My fav fiddle song is Orange Blossom Special. My fav contemporary Christian song is, well, I have lots of favs but really adore "Blessed Be Your Name" by Tree63. My fav hymn is Amazing Grace... well, I guess I don't really have a fav, but I like it a lot!

Louise asked:
I have noted with amazement, that you and your siblings live life with passion. In everything... Why is that??
Ok, Lou... you win the prize for the most thought provoking question!! To be honest... I'm not really sure. Of course as you mention, a relationship with Christ is a huge thing for me! As you know, He is our reason for living. Otherwise, I would say that we Chmelars are very impulsive... doing everything that tops our little hairballs - within reason, of course. If we're in, we're all in. We're also very competetive! If we decide that we want to get into freestyle frisbee, we're gonna go to national championships. If we want to start cup-stacking, we work on tirelessly to break the world record for speed. If Tiff and I think that it would be cool to have our bedroom in our unfinished attic, we move clean, move and decorate in one day... only to realize that yeah, it is January and about fifty degrees up here. (We did make it one night tho'!! Down coats, piles of blankets and all!) If we're gonna hobby farm, we're getting every small animal there is... starting with fifty various foul!
So what am I saying?? I guess our life has always been an ever changing adventure... and we can't wait for each new stage. Our parents have taught us to find the fun in everything... even the hard things. We laugh a lot. (Our parents are great laughers!!)
Life is really too short to get caught up in the little things. Now, lest we sound more spiritual than we ever could be... we have our days. And when we have days, boy are they DAYS! We get mad at each other, we get discouraged, we cry and yell sometimes too! But no matter what happens, Mom has taught us something that I think is underrated. A discussion may have been a heated thunder-storm, but she always ends it with these words. "I am not your enemy, you are not my enemy!" I think that's important to remember when we have those days... cuz' everybody does. We just gotta hug, remind each other that we are still a family (and always will be), and keep marching on!
So tho' I feel we are unworthy of your kind words... I do have to say it's the bestest to be a Chmelar!!

* * *
Thanks everyone for your great questions! Keep asking cuz there's still 8 days before the contest is over. I'd love to hear from my more silent blog readers!! And be watching at the end of the week for a little hint on the prize!

Friday, April 18, 2008

THE Concert

I got my support letters sent out this week!  I am really excited to how God is going to provide for the needs of my trip through the help of friends and family.  I wanted to invite one and all to a concert fundraiser that we are having at our friends house May 3rd.  Our family will be singing along with several guest groups.  We will also be serving dessert, videos about Bring Me Hope and my trip last year, and of course have a free-will offering.  I know that lots of you aren't in driving distance... but I thought I would tell you for the fun of it.  If anyone is, come on over if you can!!

If you want to know anymore about the concert such at time, place etc or have any other questions about my trip, feel free to drop me an email!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Answers - Part 2

Morgan asked:
1. Have you lived in Iowa your entire life?
No. I was born here, but lived in Illinios about 8 years or so. I've moved about 11 times around in the two states!
2. How many states have you been to?
Let's see. Iowa. Illinios. Wisconsin. Oklahoma. Missouri. Nebraska. Minnesota.
3. Countries?
US and China.
4. Continents?
Dos - North America and Asia.
5. Are you dating/courting anybody?
Nope. Still waiting. Can't wait tho!! (I mean, I can - cuz there's still so much to do while single!! I will definately be ready when the time is right tho!)
6. Do you like to cook?
Yes -- if I'm in the mood. I mostly like cooking/baking yummy things!!
7. Are you good at cooking?
Hmmm.. well, I've never killed anyone yet. *smile* I think I am. You'd have to ask my family or the Gehmans.
8. What is your dad's job?
At the moment, he delivers appliances, cabinets, mattresses, etc for Menards and also drives school bus in the morning and some afternoons.

9. Do you play any instruments?
Piano, mandolin, guitar, banjo, harmonica, recorder. Ok, ok. I can only play a couple chords or notes on some of those, definately not polished! Truly though, violin is my passion. That's what I'm best at.
10. Are you super shy or super outgoing?
Definately out-going. My sister says super outgoing... well, not super-super, just super.
11. Do you have an Iowa accent? (yes, you Iowans have one.)
Sure. Whatever you say. I wish I had an accent -- and not an Iowan one.
12. How many bathrooms does your house have?
One and a half. The one is us girls' and the half is the boys. They use a lone shower in a dark corner of the basement. Bless their hearts!
13. Are you a member of Homeschool
No. We've thought of looking into it though.
14. What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Uh, I don't have my own car. I drive my sister's car. It's a couch. *smile*
15. Do you tan easily?
Don't ask this question. It's a sore subject. I don't. Arghhh!!! I think I am slowly coming to grips with it... for some reason when I try to tell myself that white skin is beautiful, I don't feel very consoled.
Mikaela asked:
1. Do you prefer (if you had to) watching Football, Basketball, or Wrestling???
TOTALLY football!!! And no one has to force me! Second would be basketball and lastly wrestling.
2. Do you comment every time you read other people blog?
Not everytime. But most.
3. Do you remember how many steps there are going up to the top of the House & senate of the capital, Up the spiral stair case???
Ahhh! I should have known that you would ask this. Ummm, around 45?? I do remember how much fun I had with you tho'!! Luv u 2!
4. How many times have you had to change your cell number?
Only once. And that's when I was breaking off from sharing a phone with my mom. Not beating off men. Too bad. *smile*
Tori asked:
1. What are you most afraid of?
Goldfish. No, seriously... Tornados... loosing someone in my family... sometimes I'm afraid of what people think of me...
2. What is your natural hair color?
Red. All the way!!!
3. Ever been toilet papering?
4. Have you ever been in a car accident?
5. Do you prefer croutons or bacon bits?
Depends on my mood. Probably bacon bits... but real ones. Not bacon-flavored! To be honest, I eat my salad plain more often than not, tho'.
6. Favorite restaurant?
Well, I just went to Olive Garden for the first time about a month ago and totally fell in love! But, they don't exactly take pocket change, so my budget better affords God-Father's Pizza. I am a total sucker for pizza... I could eat it once a day!!
7. What do you do most often when you're bored?
Read my Bible or clean bathrooms. Ok. So much for sounding like Miss-Spiritual-or-Domestic. Seriously tho', I love talking on the phone. I also like being on the internet.
8. Favorite kind of music? Favorite group?
Contemporary Christian and bluegrass. Fav group... I really like Casting Crowns but most of the genre. Not head-banging Christian rock tho!
9. What is something that you would like to accomplish/do before you die?
Good question! Honestly, I really want to get married and have kids, both my own and adopted! I don't want to die without knowing what that's like. But really more than that, I want to be able to live a life that honors Christ and then to get there with Him and hear those words "Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" So, whether that happens as a single person or married, whether here in the States or in some back corner of a third-world country, I want to live to the hilt of every situation, for the glory of God!
Sam asked:
1. Are you sure ANY question?
Ahem. Yes. Just so they follow Phil. 4:8

Answers - part 1

Thanks guys, for your great response so far. Sorry I'm being rather slow in my responses... my work schedule has been a little crunchy lately... so bear with me. Your answers are coming!
Olivia asked:
1. What is your fav. movie?

Totally Anne of Green Gables... tho I do have runners-up of the Love Comes Softly series and Facing the Giants.
2. What's your fav. popsycle flavor?
Ummm.... I'm not picky when it comes to popsicles... anything goes.
3. Do you wish you could fly? Why or why not?
Sure... so I could get to work faster when I'm late. (which is more often than not, unfortunately!)
4. If you went bald would you wear a wig?
TOTALLY!! Only because I am a girl... if I were a man, I would bald gracefully. (If men can be graceful!)
5. When is your birthday?
December 6, 1986
6. Do you have any pets? If so what kind and what are their names?
Uh, not at the moment. I used to have a pet guinea pig with my sister when we were like six or seven. Her name was Anna. I hated holding her tho' because I didn't like her claws scratching tho my shirt.
7. Did you ever go to public school?
8. If so then why did you start homeschooling?

9. If not, then did you ever want to go to school?
10. Are you athletically inclined?
Ahem. Not exactly. I do get out and play ball on occasion... I tend to get winded easily.
11. What is your fav. scent of parfume?
Pretty much anything sweet... right now I have Aeropostle's girl stuff.
12. What's your fav. book?
Too many to name, tho' I would say that one of my total fav's is "Passion and Purity" by Elisabeth Elliot. I also love all the Little House series and about anything Dr. Suess.
13. What do you want your wedding to be like?
Perfect. *smile* Big. Beautiful. Preferably in the spring or late summer. An amazing cake. Adorable little flower girl and ring bearer. My sister Tiff for my maid of honor. Lots of family involved. A picture slide show of our lives leading up to the wedding. The most handsomest, sweetest, godly, and in-love man I've ever met. A breath-taking dress. Ok. Seriously, we girls all dream of our wedding, but more than any of this stuff , I want it to be a day that is a shining showcase to everyone of what an amazing God we serve. I want the glory to not be on me and my specialest guy, but on the One who brought us together!
14. What are some of the key characteristics or attributes you want your future husband to have?
Of course his relationship with God is a given... I want a man that will love God more than me... a man who has a heart for ministering to people... a man who is humble before God and man... a man who is loving to not just me, but everyone he meets. And there's always the tall and handsome part, but if he is sold out for Jesus and lives that out, that's what I care about most!
15. What church do you go to?
Uh, good question! We have been home-churching off and on for quite a few years, but at the moment, we are going to Marion Ave. Baptist church in Washington.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Copy-Cat Contest...

Ok, a blogging friend, Morgan, had this rockin' good contest over at her fun blog, where her readers got to ask her any questions they wanted. Her contest ends tonight and tomorrow she will randomly draw a name for the grand prize, which is yet to be announced. I had so much fun participating in her contest, so I thought I would have one on my blog.

Sooooo.... you all can ask me any questions you would like. For every question you ask, your name will be entered into the contest for a prize to be announced at a later date. Meaning the more questions you ask, the more chances you have to win. The contest will run from tonight until the 30th of the April.

So let the asking begin...


Monday, April 14, 2008

Hey All!

Just thought I would let you all know that tomorrow is Tiff's 19th birthday... she's a little sad that it's her last year to be a teenager. Would you help me help her celebrate?! Send your birthday greetings that are joyous, hilarious, encouraging, or 'make-nineteen-worth-it' to


An Indian Tale

Here's one of our family's fav joke/stories. I taught Alana the punch line, but thought I should first explain the story so you have a better understanding of what she's saying! Enjoy!!

(I am not sure why I can't get rid of all the extra space at the top. Sorry for the annoyance!)

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Hug From God

As I was leaving the Gehman's this afternoon after work, Jackson opened the door just before I got into my car.
"Nicole! Did you get your purse?!" I held it up to show it was in my hands. "I love you to the Milky Way!!"
(You have to understand that we describe our love by how far it goes. Starting with loving you to the sun, then the moon, the stars, and ultimately, the Milky Way!)

So of course I hollared back, "I love you to the Milky Way too, Jackson!"

Thank you God for that hug from you today!

* * *

If you want to see how the kiddos are at other times, click here!

The Few, The Last, The Random

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Washers & Worship

Today has been a crazy day... starting at five-thirty this morning. I had to run Dad and Chris to work in Iowa City, forty-five minutes away from home, come back, cat-nap for an hour, load up the kids and about six gargantous loads of laundry (our washer broke), go back to Iowa City, do some birthday shopping for Tiff, eat at McDonalds for lunch (double cheeseburgers and cold fries!), head back towards home, but not without stopping to pick up something from a friend's house, a half hour meeting with my friendly tax man, a bank deposit and a stop at the laundromat to stuff the commercial washers, all the while fighting the torrential downpour our great state is experiencing!

Ok, I think I just broke the world record for the longest run-on sentence, but that's kinda how it's been today. Now I am experiencing a nice quiet moment in the library, tho' that was a typical 'Chmelar-moment' too... I forgot my library card somewhere. Thankfully they took my license so I could use a computer. (yes, I am a real person!) *smile*

Why am I telling you all this??? Not for your sympathies... well, a little of that never hurts! As I was running around the house this morning trying to get everything in order before we left, the line from a song popped into my head, "This is a moment made for worshipping..." It hit me, even as I stuff those commercial washers with our fermenting clothes, I can worship God. He's put me here, today, alive, to worship Him. He is always worthy of that, no matter our circumstances! And He is amazingly in control!

So, soon I'll head back to the laundromat to dry those clothes and we'll have one big laundry-folding-party, but I'm alive and well. And that calls for a thought, song, or smile of worship to my amazing God!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Did you know that garden shed injuries are on the rise??  I hope this post will raise your awareness that you will not only watch out for yourself, but also tell everyone you love and care about!

Our friend, Brock Brenneman, had to get stitches on his head after a run in with a garden shed.  We though you might want to be on the lookout for theses things.  You also might also get some valuable info from our get-well letters to him posted below.
* * * 
Hey Brock,
I was so sorry to hear of your head's tragic meeting with the shed.  I guess it's a hard lesson to learn: you've really gotta watch out for those things jumping in your path.  Like people, branches, ceilings, and especially sheds... most often garden sheds!  Anyway, get healed soon and just remember to keep your chin up and your eyes OPEN!!  Good times -- Nicole
PS.  Don't feel bad about the situation, cuz "everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days"!
* * * 
Wow, I can't believe you hit your head on a garden shed.  I really hope you're feeling better.  Garden sheds can be kinda weird these days... you never know when they might turn on you.  Oh, a little advice, never trust a garden shed.  Never just walk up to one.  Always proceed with caution.  I'll give you some slack this time, 'everyone makes mistakes, everyone has those days'.  Just please don't let it happen again.  Sincerely though, get better.  Tiffany

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Night Walk... for your viewing pleasure.

I wanted you to see more of what I was sharing with you concerning the Night Walk; raising money to send the chinese orphans to camp this summer. Again, we need all the help we can get from people who care about fulfilling James 1:27 "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." Enjoy!

* * *

This first clip tells specifics about the Night Walk, how it got started, the purpose, and how to get involved.

This second video clip is footage from last year's walk in Falbrook, California. It's kinda fun to see what actually happens on a walk. The video quality is not the greatest, but it's still kinda fun.

If this has sparked your interest at all, please feel free to email me and ask for more info.

We are looking for people all over the US, all over the world for that matter, to help!