Thursday, April 10, 2008

Washers & Worship

Today has been a crazy day... starting at five-thirty this morning. I had to run Dad and Chris to work in Iowa City, forty-five minutes away from home, come back, cat-nap for an hour, load up the kids and about six gargantous loads of laundry (our washer broke), go back to Iowa City, do some birthday shopping for Tiff, eat at McDonalds for lunch (double cheeseburgers and cold fries!), head back towards home, but not without stopping to pick up something from a friend's house, a half hour meeting with my friendly tax man, a bank deposit and a stop at the laundromat to stuff the commercial washers, all the while fighting the torrential downpour our great state is experiencing!

Ok, I think I just broke the world record for the longest run-on sentence, but that's kinda how it's been today. Now I am experiencing a nice quiet moment in the library, tho' that was a typical 'Chmelar-moment' too... I forgot my library card somewhere. Thankfully they took my license so I could use a computer. (yes, I am a real person!) *smile*

Why am I telling you all this??? Not for your sympathies... well, a little of that never hurts! As I was running around the house this morning trying to get everything in order before we left, the line from a song popped into my head, "This is a moment made for worshipping..." It hit me, even as I stuff those commercial washers with our fermenting clothes, I can worship God. He's put me here, today, alive, to worship Him. He is always worthy of that, no matter our circumstances! And He is amazingly in control!

So, soon I'll head back to the laundromat to dry those clothes and we'll have one big laundry-folding-party, but I'm alive and well. And that calls for a thought, song, or smile of worship to my amazing God!!

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