Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Did you know that garden shed injuries are on the rise??  I hope this post will raise your awareness that you will not only watch out for yourself, but also tell everyone you love and care about!

Our friend, Brock Brenneman, had to get stitches on his head after a run in with a garden shed.  We though you might want to be on the lookout for theses things.  You also might also get some valuable info from our get-well letters to him posted below.
* * * 
Hey Brock,
I was so sorry to hear of your head's tragic meeting with the shed.  I guess it's a hard lesson to learn: you've really gotta watch out for those things jumping in your path.  Like people, branches, ceilings, and especially sheds... most often garden sheds!  Anyway, get healed soon and just remember to keep your chin up and your eyes OPEN!!  Good times -- Nicole
PS.  Don't feel bad about the situation, cuz "everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days"!
* * * 
Wow, I can't believe you hit your head on a garden shed.  I really hope you're feeling better.  Garden sheds can be kinda weird these days... you never know when they might turn on you.  Oh, a little advice, never trust a garden shed.  Never just walk up to one.  Always proceed with caution.  I'll give you some slack this time, 'everyone makes mistakes, everyone has those days'.  Just please don't let it happen again.  Sincerely though, get better.  Tiffany


~Tori~ said...

HAHAHA!! How funny!! Those sheds can be pretty dangerous....

~Tori~ said...

After I read my post, I realized what I said! It's not funny that he got hurt...it's just funny how he got hurt. :-)

Olivia said...

Wow! I din't know garden sheds could be so dangerous...who knew they could just jump right out at you! I'll keep my eyes peeled for them! Hope you feel better soon Brock! Olivia

goofy girl said...

I think it's kinda funny, and kinda not. Considering he was laughing when his mom called the doctor and said "My son Brock ran into one of our sheds".

I will keep watching out for those "live sheds" since we have two and I go out to one every week to feed our rabbit. Love ya