Thursday, April 17, 2008

Answers - part 1

Thanks guys, for your great response so far. Sorry I'm being rather slow in my responses... my work schedule has been a little crunchy lately... so bear with me. Your answers are coming!
Olivia asked:
1. What is your fav. movie?

Totally Anne of Green Gables... tho I do have runners-up of the Love Comes Softly series and Facing the Giants.
2. What's your fav. popsycle flavor?
Ummm.... I'm not picky when it comes to popsicles... anything goes.
3. Do you wish you could fly? Why or why not?
Sure... so I could get to work faster when I'm late. (which is more often than not, unfortunately!)
4. If you went bald would you wear a wig?
TOTALLY!! Only because I am a girl... if I were a man, I would bald gracefully. (If men can be graceful!)
5. When is your birthday?
December 6, 1986
6. Do you have any pets? If so what kind and what are their names?
Uh, not at the moment. I used to have a pet guinea pig with my sister when we were like six or seven. Her name was Anna. I hated holding her tho' because I didn't like her claws scratching tho my shirt.
7. Did you ever go to public school?
8. If so then why did you start homeschooling?

9. If not, then did you ever want to go to school?
10. Are you athletically inclined?
Ahem. Not exactly. I do get out and play ball on occasion... I tend to get winded easily.
11. What is your fav. scent of parfume?
Pretty much anything sweet... right now I have Aeropostle's girl stuff.
12. What's your fav. book?
Too many to name, tho' I would say that one of my total fav's is "Passion and Purity" by Elisabeth Elliot. I also love all the Little House series and about anything Dr. Suess.
13. What do you want your wedding to be like?
Perfect. *smile* Big. Beautiful. Preferably in the spring or late summer. An amazing cake. Adorable little flower girl and ring bearer. My sister Tiff for my maid of honor. Lots of family involved. A picture slide show of our lives leading up to the wedding. The most handsomest, sweetest, godly, and in-love man I've ever met. A breath-taking dress. Ok. Seriously, we girls all dream of our wedding, but more than any of this stuff , I want it to be a day that is a shining showcase to everyone of what an amazing God we serve. I want the glory to not be on me and my specialest guy, but on the One who brought us together!
14. What are some of the key characteristics or attributes you want your future husband to have?
Of course his relationship with God is a given... I want a man that will love God more than me... a man who has a heart for ministering to people... a man who is humble before God and man... a man who is loving to not just me, but everyone he meets. And there's always the tall and handsome part, but if he is sold out for Jesus and lives that out, that's what I care about most!
15. What church do you go to?
Uh, good question! We have been home-churching off and on for quite a few years, but at the moment, we are going to Marion Ave. Baptist church in Washington.

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Abi Maske said...

oh my goodness Nicole...your description of your perfect wedding brought tears to my eyes! How true!! Love you girl!