Monday, April 28, 2008

A Snack

Here's the bestest time of day at our house! (That is, second to naptime!!) *smile*

...again... don't know why there's all this extra space at the top. i had it saved as a draft and everytime i open the draft, it adds a ton of space. let me know if you know the reason why! or how to get rid of it!! :P


Seth said...

Hey! Im back! and I'll be looking for posts! ;) and I'll be posting soon....

Try going into the html and delete and extra stuff out...maybe you tried that.....

shuttersbuddy said...

"thank you thank you thank you seth!!!
you are my hero! the html thing worked!!
kudos for you!
thanks and can't wait to see more here!

Hmmmm...maybe his bro tells him that kind of stuff!?!?!