Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Answers - Part 5

Chelsy asked:
1. Do you have a role model/person you admire?
My mom is amazingly resilient... I love Elisabeth Elliot's life lived for Christ and His cause, despite extreme trials and tests... My Dad is this earth's most amazing servant... All my fellow young people who are living out what it means to "live as Christ".
2. Favorite flower?
Let's see... I think I told another girl that I like roses. Especially if they come from special people...and no, it's not what you're thinking. Special people like my Dad or my brother, Chris!
3. Favorite song?
Blessed Be Your Name by Tree63
4. How many times a day do you call you siblings?:)
Let's see... I probably call them about 3-5 times and they call me about double that or more!
5. How many jobs have you had?
Secretary for a in-home chiropractor... secretary for a lawn furniture sales business... nanny for an indian family... an in-home helper for a family in our homeschool group... a nanny for the Gehman's... a helper for the Millers... and way too many babysitting jobs to count!
6. What are some goals you have for this year?
Well... grow closer to God. That has already been happening! I am really excited! Developing closer friendships with people that honor God. And so on and so forth...
7. Favorite Bible verse?
1 Peter 2:9
8. If you could get a free ticket to ANY concert....who would you chose to hear/see perform?
You, my darling Chelsy and your sweet family!
9-what would you name your first 2 kids? (1 boy name and 1 girl name)
Oh Chels, you can't limit this questions cuz I can't just pick two... so here's my partial fav list!
Boys: William (Will for short), Lincoln, Lewis, Lucas, Cameron
Girls: Martha Grace, Rebecca, Eliana, Charlotte
Ok, so I know I have a ton of other favorites but I am drawing a total blank... so I will return at a later date with a special post of my fav names! 
10. Do you just LOVE bananas?!?!:)
11. If you had 3 hours to do WHATEVER, what would you do?
Shop.  Be with friends.  
12. What's your favorite place to shop? in other words, fav. store?
I like Old Navy and Kohls... I also like Bath and Body Works... Book stores are awesome... and antique shops.
13.  How about favorite clothing brand?
Whatever's price is right!  
14.  Do you have a pet peeve?
Ok, this is gonna really sound off the wall, but it really bugs me when people dial a '1' on a cell phone before the area code when it's not needed.  It wrecks up the continuity of the list of dialed numbers.  (sorry. *smile*)  I'm sure I have other pet peeves, but I can't exactly thinking of anything glaring at the moment!

* * * 

Chels... sorry I took so long to get to your questions.  They were temporarily lost in the shuffle.  Love ya!


Olivia said...

I am getting in my last questions before this contest ends tomorrow!

1. Do you have a fav. Disney character and why?

2. If you could decorate your room in anyway how would you do it?

3. What's your fav. sport to play?

4. Who's your fav. author besides those in the Bible.

5. What's your fav. quote (I might have already asked this)?

6. Do you have any hobbies.

7. When did you become a Christian (this one might have already been asked also)?

9. What's your fav. scent of soap?

10. Would you ever dye your hair and if so, what color?

11. Did you ever wish you had and older sibling or do you like being the oldest? Why or why not?

12. What was your fav. children's book as a child?

Alright that's all I could come up with. Olivia

Bridgette said...

What is the first thing you will teach your children?

What is the first thing you will tell your child not to do?

Why don't you like bananas?

Do you like asparagus?

What is your favorite color? (one color please)

Do you like gardening?

Lots of Love,