Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Winner!!

This morning my sister, Grace Ann, won the contest at our school for remembering the most definitions for government/election-related words.

:: Electoral College
:: Democracy
:: Computerized
:: Recount

She only missed three of the words and ran off with the $5 prize!!

I am so proud of you, sissy!!

"Love ya!"

Romans 1:16

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one who believes, both to Jew first and to Greek."

Romans 1:16

Friday, January 18, 2008

Dark Glass...

"For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face; but then shall I know, even as I am know."
1 Cor 13;12

As we walk this earth today, your circumstances may seem like complete confusion... but remember that you are looking at everything from a horizontal view. Our Father can see from all angles. He knows. He understands. He feels our pain. And He's in control.
Someday, we will see it from a better view and then will only be able to smile, knowing again that He always knew best!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dawsyn + Grady Make Cookies

When you make a kid a cookie...

They'll probably wanna help...

And if they help, they'll wanna mix...
(note to self: don't ask a 3 year old to turn on the electric mixer! They don't know the difference between high and low.)

Then they'll wanna pour...

And when it's all put together, they'll wanna lick...

And chances are by this time, they'll be bathing in it!

But it's never quite enough!

Then they'll wanna help put them on the pans...
(kids and cookie dough are magentic!)

And they'll always need one more bite!

Sorry there are no pictures of us eating them... I guess somebody was enjoying them too much! *grin*

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"A friend loves at all times"

What is the definition of a true friend?!  Webster defines a friend as "one attached to another by affection or esteem" and true as "steadfast and loyal".  Putting those together means that a true friend is some you have a relationship with who sticks with you despite differences, happy days and dry times.  
I had the opportunity to test the strength of one of these kind of friendships this week... and I am happy to report that the bands of friendship stood strong!
I am really blessed by God to not only have strong friendships with my family, but with a handful of friends too.  These are the people that you can be real with, the people who hear you when you are discouraged, the people who God places in your life 'for such a time as this'!  As I said, there are many names I could put here, of friends like this, but God gave me the opportunity to stop and appreciate one of them this week.
This is a girl who has experienced a lot of the same growing pains I have and we've had the chance to walk thro' them together, we enjoy many of the same things, have many same goals, and most importantly, we love the same God!  This girl is very talented,  cares for people, isn't afraid to share her mind, and is very thoughtful!  Not to mention very handy with a camera and is stunningly beautiful!  (We've known that for years!!) *grin*   Our memories together range from Bible studies and late-night talks with a police officer to surprise parties and music  sessions.  
Chels, thanks for all this.  Thanks for respecting my relationship with God and supporting me there.  Thanks for all the great times together.  I look back on all our times together with a smile and look forward to our times to come with anticipation.  I can totally see us together with our children running around and us laughing on days past!
Keep looking to our Head.  I know He has great plans for our lives!   
Happy trails!!  

PS.  Sorry for the severe lack of pics together... we need to fix that! *grin*

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


What do ya'll think of the new addition to my blog?!  I got the brilliant idea from one of my other favorite blogs... The Millers!

Coming Soon...

Just thought I would let you all know what you are waiting for! I have a whole slew of great posts that are justing waiting to be posted... wow, that's profound! *grin*

:: When you make a kid a cookie
:: Of Committees and Cherry Donuts
:: More from China -- Eliana
:: Where's Your Treasure??
:: And anything else that sounds randomly appealing!
-- Do anyone have a preference on what I post first?! --
And for those of you who enjoy using your camera, I suggest that you try carrying it around with you for one week, wherever you go! I have been doing this the last several days and have gotten so many things on record that are great fun, but would have missed otherwise. Try it and you'll see what I mean!
Until then... happy trails!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My 'Extreme' Makeover

So I came home the Wednesday night and Aubrey wanted me to visit her in-bedroom beauty solon. Her and the girls had set up all their beauty products on the shelf, made a price list for all the treatments, and were ready for business. I decided on getting a perfume, make-up, and lotion... and the make-over began!
Yes, I know I look like I need help... but what can I say?? It was a long day hauling kids around Iowa City, I was tired, and I had a schnuffy nose.



My very handsome butler-boy serving "Mud Puddles"!

"Are you sure this is my style?!"

"Of course!!"

Sure!! *grin*
Gotta love the toothless grin!

Touching Up


Me and my very handy and adorable make-up assistant!
I love you, Aubrey!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Slightly Flawed Quality

Okay... those of you who are longtime friends, know that Tiffany and I can be rather, well, kinda, you might say... airy, forgetful, 'loose-your-head-if-it-wasn't-attatched' kind of people.  We have a very honed skill of losing things... losing kinda important things...well, really important things - like cell phones.
So the story goes like this.  The first weekend of December, our family ventured out in a very icy, ice-storm to cut down our Christmas tree.  After braving the wind and pelting ice, we drove into Washington to get some much needed things.  As I think I mentioned, it was very icy, so we had to pull over once to scrape off the accumulation off the windshield.  Tiff got out to help.  Then we went on our merry, sliding way.  About four blocks later, Tiff went to grab her cell phone... and couldn't grab it cuz it was gone.  After much brainstorming, we realized it just might be back in the sloshy gutter...

...need I say more??? 

--Several weeks later--

Mom, Tiff, Timothy, and well, a bunch of us were out Christmas shopping.  Upon pulling up in the driveway, I inadvertently got stuck in a slight drift.  Not meaning to brag, but since I am the very helpful, friendly person that I am, I handed over the wheel to Tiff and got out to push.  The following day, and Christmas day after that, I went for my phone several times, but to not avail.  I decided not to worry about it Christmas Eve, but the next evening I began to panicly look around... if one can do that!  I turn the house upside down, went to the last store I had been in and looked through the lost-n-found pile of severely outdated phones, and searched my car enough times to be able to tear it apart and put it back together with my eyes closed... but to no avail.  I had a stroke of brilliance to check the snow bank I was mulling around the night before last while at the same time, Mom was putting a stop on the phone service.  Just as the block was finalized, Tim came running in with my slightly cold and damp, but still working phone...

..and there's nothing more to say!!
~THE [happy] END~

We have continued our losing habit with our friend's inside pet dogs... but that's another story!  (Too bad we couldn't loose the habit!) *smile*