Thursday, July 31, 2008


As for what happened today...

One of the volunteers helped facilitate a camp back in the States where they studied China as part of their activities.  Each kid made a bracelet for a chinese orphan and signed a huge banner that is now hanging in our cafeteria.  We are now returning the favor.

This kid, Teddy, really loves Adam.  He was hanging out with us last night in the hall before bed.  Tonight after the movie, he wanted a picture with Adam and I... 'Ge ge' and 'Jie Jie'.  (Big brother and big sister)
There have been so many happy faces this week...

... a few more days and we will see a whole new set!

* * *
Chris has become a great buddy... he volunteered these past two weeks and was so great with the kids.  It's been so much fun having a stand-in little brother so splash in the pool, joke with and share oreos and and crackers!  He's leaving on Saturday... and I'm gonna miss him.  Today at the water park, we had a final slide down huge water slide.  It was fun.  

You better come back next year, bud!  The water will be waiting!


Wednesday I was very busy...

I am very upset at myself that I broke my blogging habit, but it was for a good reason.  I had hall duty last night after the kids got in their room... keeping them from escaping from the fifth floor.  It was a very big job.  By the end, I was soaked from a kid's water gun and thoroughly exhausted.  It was topped off with a kid throwing up all over three sets of bedding, other messes all over the bathroom, and other things that I won't mention here on this blog.  It was close to one before I got to bed... thus the lack of posting.  I thought I should still let you know what happened, so here it is...


Face painting...

The kids did dance, song and instrumental acts for us at last night's assembly.  It was so precious!

Adam was my guard buddy... I'm not sure if he was a help or a hindrance.  The boys that were hanging out love him and they fed off each others energy!

Bed never sounded so good.  I am so thankful to stand together with such an awesome group of servants!

Love you guys!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Our day started off with the guys giving all of us girls flowers to say thanks for all we have been doing... the day couldn't have had a better start!  It proceeded to be a challenging one - emergency room visit, kids trying to strip and streak at the pool, huge messes, and other stuff I won't mention.  It has been amazing to watch G provide, protect and sustain through it all.  We want to continue to thank you for your continued prs!!  We love you all!

Two of the amazingest Bolt girls ever!  Love you girls!

Spring, the girl on the right, is the daughter of the pool manager here at the school.  To keep good relations, we have been letting her join the camp activities on occasion.  Today she brought a friend.  Whenever she's around, she gets treated like royalty! *smile*

This little guy has brittle bone disease... he's nine years old and about 2 feet tall.  He has the sweetest personality and is amazing artistic!  Pr that he stays safe all week

Karissa rockin' the color grey!

These three girls got up in front of everyone at the evening assembly tonight and sang to us

Monday, July 28, 2008

Team Building Day

Our second week has officially started... we now have packed out the house with 42 volunteers, 39 translators, and 80 kids.  Before they got here, we did some team building activities.  Here's what we did...

Trust Falling

Compiling words with the letters written on feet...

It was quite the dance!

Lots of laughter...


And FUN!!!

Pr for all of us we overcome the challenges of five-times-ing our group size from last week.  We are really excited what G is going to do... but really appreciate your prs!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Road Trip to Zheng Zhou

This transports me home...  ahhhhh!

Sam, Jason, Adam and I got chocolate shakes at McDonald's before picking a group of volunteers up at the train station

Thanks be to G we got everyone here... no missing persons today!

The welcoming team

Happy Reunions!

We are almost ready to start week two of camp... only 16 more volunteers to pick up and 76 more duvet covers to stuff.  It's been an awesome weekend!

Here's the rest of the story...

Our bike ride yesterday started out innocently enough, but quickly changed into a life-changing experience.  Don't ask me how, don't ask me why... it just was.  Definitely a most memorable ride and team bonding-ish.  We all survived, with only one sprained toe.  I won't say anymore... just check out these awesome pictures!