Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Our day started off with the guys giving all of us girls flowers to say thanks for all we have been doing... the day couldn't have had a better start!  It proceeded to be a challenging one - emergency room visit, kids trying to strip and streak at the pool, huge messes, and other stuff I won't mention.  It has been amazing to watch G provide, protect and sustain through it all.  We want to continue to thank you for your continued prs!!  We love you all!

Two of the amazingest Bolt girls ever!  Love you girls!

Spring, the girl on the right, is the daughter of the pool manager here at the school.  To keep good relations, we have been letting her join the camp activities on occasion.  Today she brought a friend.  Whenever she's around, she gets treated like royalty! *smile*

This little guy has brittle bone disease... he's nine years old and about 2 feet tall.  He has the sweetest personality and is amazing artistic!  Pr that he stays safe all week

Karissa rockin' the color grey!

These three girls got up in front of everyone at the evening assembly tonight and sang to us


The Great Excavation said...

How cute, how fun!!!!! They are such adorable little kids!!! That is sad about the little boy. I will talk to narman for him!!! Have a great week! Love, Mickey

Annie said...

I wanted to let you know I am checking your blog almost daily. I really enjoy reading your posts and LOVE the pictures (you know they say a picture is worth a thousand words *smile*...in this case that is definitively true!)

By the way, you win the award as "The Most Frequent Blogger"! I don't know of any other blog coming out of BMH that posts more often than you, and if you know of one would you please share the address? If you could, please say "Hi" to the Bolt girls from Annie.

Thanks for being such an awesome blogger!

lindsay said...

im glad u got the flowers before they died!!!! :):):)