Sunday, July 27, 2008

Road Trip to Zheng Zhou

This transports me home...  ahhhhh!

Sam, Jason, Adam and I got chocolate shakes at McDonald's before picking a group of volunteers up at the train station

Thanks be to G we got everyone here... no missing persons today!

The welcoming team

Happy Reunions!

We are almost ready to start week two of camp... only 16 more volunteers to pick up and 76 more duvet covers to stuff.  It's been an awesome weekend!


Mom Smith said...

Good to see you all.
We are pr-ying for you all.
Thanks for the pics and videos.
DeeAnn Smith

Bethany said...

How long are you in China yet?! I forgot what you mentioned earlier...
It looks like we won't be coming to Beijing until August 16 at the earliest, then fly home the 18. Either way -- I'm so looking forward to Old Threshers and swapping stories!!! :)
Love you, girl!