Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wedding Bells

So... blogger works in China this year! Yay for the government in coming up with the times.

* * *
How do you sum up a traditional chinese wedding? Do I say that I've never been on a such a gueling, boiling, blasting hot 2 hour walk? Do I say that smoke from hundreds of little firecracker bombs really hurts when inhaled? Do I say that it's fun being a spectical walking down the major streets of Nanchang as part of an old traditional style chinese wedding? Do I say that I went light years outside of my comfort zone with food today? Do I say that I've never sweat so much in my life? Do I say how humbling it is for all of us to have friends here in China who would plan their wedding around us and for us? Do I say that it's funny how chinese don't kiss at their weddings? Or do I say that our Sunday ending in devotions and worship was the best part? Well, anyway since I can't narrow it down to a few words on how awesome of a day it was, here's a few pictures of what we experienced!
Here's all of us walking down the streets with the musicians play tradition chinese music on these flute and bongo things.
Harry - the groom - with David and Adam, his best men.

A little ol' granny who wanted her baby's picture taken

Mary and I at the restuarant where we had the reception

Harry and Mary in their traditional wedding clothes

Oh yes, did I mention what I had for lunch? (Don't freak family!)
Duck, turtle, frog legs, pigeon eggs, grass, chicken feet, fish, tofu, some random meat balls...who knows what they were made of, watermelon seeds, rice cake, and corn candy. Yes, it was quite the meal... and yes, my stomach feels fine!
* * *
Thanks everyone for your prayers and emails... you don't know how much it means. Tomorrow we leave for Beijing early in the morning. Pray for safety and getting settled into our home for the next six weeks! Miss and love you all!


Annie said...

Thanks for the pictures...even my kids were looking at them wanting to see a traditional Chinese wedding. Interesting meal! ;) Glad blogger works this year!

Anonymous said...

NEEKOL!!!!! Yay! WooHoot!!! It works!

I hope you are having an amazing time;-) I'm trying to keep track of tiff for you:) (tiff, don't have a cow)

I mith ooo!!!


Anonymous said...

moooooooo!!!! ;) i wuv oo wawissa. hank oo for eeping twack oof mee.

Anonymous said...

Nic looks like you are having fun. Miss you a lot, Chris

The Chmelars said...

i am sooo proud of you dear! i am sooo missing you! i am sooo missing
your beautiful face! (glad to see it in this picture. you look more
beautiful than that bride. and i MEAN that!) i am so wanting to talk to
you face to face. i am sooo wanting to laugh with you over random stupid
things just because we can! i am sooo glad i'm your sister and that your
mine! i am sooo loving you!

wow. sounds like your having a good time. way proud of all the food you
ate. i have to say i'm impressed! your so cool! *giggles* ahhhhhhh.

God is so good to me to have a sister like you! He's really helping me
this week. alyssa, rachel, and heidi have been taking good care of me. don't worry!

have i said that i love you! maybe if i say it a few more times you'll hear me!


The Great Excavation said...

You go girl! That is amazingly funny that Blogger works, so cool!
I love the pictures, I love you, and I miss you much! I is twying to keep twack uf Gace, Bef & aubey... (You can ask them how i'm doing.) Looks like fun, fun,& more fun!
Love you, Love Mickey=D