Friday, July 18, 2008

From My Journal...

July 11 -
...we spent time praying together... I'm amazed at how much bonding happens through a crisis like this [having to move camp]. Something about mixing tears, sweat, trials and joys together unites a group better than any team building activity...

... We also sang. That was amazing too -- worshiping G not only with each other, but with -- and --, the chinese staff...

...You can't descibe the feeling of having 'ch.' in a commun. country with ch-ese believers and know G is right there...

As I've said before, I miss you all so much, but am really thankful for my Bring Me Hope family here. G has used them to be such an encouragement to me when I am feeling low.

I am so honored and privileged to serve Him in this way. There are so many lives to touch with His love!

Thanks for all your prs and support... continue to pr that His name can be proclaimed as we live our lives before the people here!

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks once again for the up-date and for sharing with us what G has been doing in your life. Keep trusting Him and knowing that we're pr. for you.
Happy trails,

sam said...

your amazin!

The Great Excavation said...

Great pictures!! looks way way fun.
I miss you! Love, Mik

Gehman Photography said...

looks like you're having fun! just letting you know that we're watching... reading what's all happening.

ps... no word yet on the 3 vietnamese girls we hired to replace you. maybe they never got the memo. ;)

The Chmelars said...

pr.for you!!
love you.gra