Sunday, July 27, 2008

Here's the rest of the story...

Our bike ride yesterday started out innocently enough, but quickly changed into a life-changing experience.  Don't ask me how, don't ask me why... it just was.  Definitely a most memorable ride and team bonding-ish.  We all survived, with only one sprained toe.  I won't say anymore... just check out these awesome pictures!


Mom Smith said...

Wow! Great way to cool off.
Thank again for posting such
terrific pics.
In our pr-yers,
DeeAnn Smith

kim said...

My husband is the paramedic that tended to the toe. :0) Can't wait to follow your journey. May God do wonderful things through and to you all!

Love, Kim

The Great Excavation said...

So I sence that there is more to the so called "story", cause, you mentioned a spanged toe... But my question is Who sprang it & who did it=)? Or wha tdid it?? That is hiwawius that ya'll went swimmin'!!! love ya Nic, Mik=D
P.s norman must be pretty busy..keepin' ya'll in line that is;-p