Thursday, July 10, 2008


Do you remember Samuel Bower, one of the guys who came to our house last winter from California? I am having a fun summer already with him here in Langfang!

It's been such a blessing reconnecting with old friends... and meeting new ones!

We are trying to get in the preparing mode since camp starts in a week and a half. Sam is in charge of all the music.

Praying together before leaving the other half of our group in Nanchang

Getting our daily fill of ice cream at the Dairy Queen which is ten minutes walk from our hotel.

Is this not suffering for Chrst or what?! We know harder days are ahead!

* * *

Please really pray for us here in LanCheck Spellinggfang. We are coming up against some really tough struggles and need the guidance and help from our Father. Pr. that his will is accomplish no matter what! I love and miss you all!


Anonymous said...

looks like your having way to much fun:) it's so great that you can still blog! i LOVE seeing what you've been up too.
love ya,

sam said...

good stuff here, esp the DQ