Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Team...

Jean - our all around helper when it comes to chinese matters, Me - head of transportation, helper with general assemblies, kitchen cleaner-police

Bethany - Food Director

Boulder - keeper of the office key and happiest team member

Sam - Head of general assemblies

Becca - Translator coordinator

Steve and Tilly Kettering - camp mom and dad!
David - Camp Director, Adam - All-Around-Handy-Man
Angela - Helps with translators
Perilla - finds orphans to come to camp
Jason - Heads up small group activities
Patti - Financial organizer
Charissa - housekeeping, James - Water park extraordinaire
Sarah - camp sister, hug-giver
Christy - Camp Co-Director

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The Great Excavation said...

Yay team members!!! You should give your team a name!! Like...The kid care takers Or Super side-kicks *grins*. Or do you already have a name? Love you to the moon & to any other place(my heart is included=) Mickey=D