Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Visit To An Orphange.

On Saturday afternoon, I visited an orphanage not far from where we are staying. It was a beautiful facility run by Chrstns. It was so fun to see the kids and play with them a little bit.
One of the building at the orphanage compound.

A wall in memory of all the orphans that have been adopted

Red and yellow, black and white...

...they are precious in His sight!

On another note, things have not gone as planned for our camp in Beijing. The little city where we were planning to be is shutting down to all non-residents as of Monday. SOOOO.... that has forced us to go in search of another location elsewhere. I feel like we are the children of Israel, always on the move. It is exciting tho to see how G has been working this past week in the whole situation. He has been completely in control and has drawn us closer to Him and each other as a team.
I am looking forward to the opportunity to see another part of China... but there will be a lot of things I will miss... like our little Dairy Queen, the welcoming gate in front of our hotel that is lit up with Christmas lights every night, the yummy chinese hole-in-the-wall restaurant that we always eat at with our little napkins in the cups at the table in the middle of the room, and the mops hanging on the wrought-iron fence outside the hotel. There are some other things I won't miss... like the mofia-type government that runs the city. :)
Please keep us in your prs in the coming weeks as we try to quickly prepare for arrival of volunteers next weekend and the beginning of camp! Thanks again for all your prs and emails... you don't know what an encouragement they are to me!
I love and miss you all!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nic
been praying for you....hope its going well!! cant wait to hear all about it!! Lyd

The Great Excavation said...

They are such adorable little children!! I will definietly talk to "Norman" for you! Have a great rest of your trip.. Love you & miss you & love you...O.k, you get the point.

The Chmelars said...

Hey nic. always remember normans got it under His control! your awesome! miss you like crazy. be ready to talk for hours when you get back. 37 days! can't wait!

i was talking to susanna b. from the pasture and she was saying the her sister can buy a really cheap cell phone and then buy min. for cheaper than we could here in the states. let me know if you can do that.

love you. keep looking to norman for all your needs! talking to norm for you!


Anonymous said...

It has been SO much fun to be able to follow along with all you are doing!! Regardless of where you find youself, I know the L will have great things to accomplish! Blessings!! Lou