Friday, December 26, 2008

God's Still in This Business

My beautiful friend, Anna, has been waiting 29 years for this day.  I am humbled and encouraged by her faith and courage to wait on God.  

He has brought her a wonderful man and they will continue to serve God together in China.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



It's been an ungodly long time since I've posted anything of value... well ok, anything for that matter!
I could say I've been busy with our church's Live Animal Christmas Play, but that's been over for almost a week.

I could say I've been busy training to be a bus driver, but that's only for a couple hours in the morning this past week.  

I could also say that all the preparation for my DOT CDL test has been preoccupying my mind every minute of my night and day, but it's not true since I've done other thinking and talking in that time.  

I could say Christmas shopping has been a nightmare, but that's not really true.  I only started a couple days ago and it's 98% done as we speak.

I could mention the fact that I returned that dumb Sprint wireless card cuz it could hardly be classified as high speed in our house.  But that doesn't really count since I've been at some wireless internet spot somewhere almost everyday day in that past several weeks.

You probably would definitely believe me if I said Bring Me Hope work has been insanely cram-packing my afternoons, but once again, it's not true.

So why haven't I been around?!?

I guess I won't make any excuses.  I just haven't.

So lest you think I care none at all for you faithful readers... I will say that I've had a number of extra babysitting jobs lately - spent some time at my old nanny family's this week, I have been eating, drinking and sleeping all the parts to a school bus in preparation for my test tomorrow morning - seriously, do I really care where the slack adjusters, U-Bolts, steering linkage, or volt meter is?!?  

Just wanted to bring you up to speed on my life right now.  Do pray for me early tomorrow morning when I attempt the pass this goofy CDL test.  I'll be out in the sub-zero temperatures, freezing my little rear off while I explain how that 'ole yellow monster is put together!  

Then it will be off for Clinton where I'll watch my dear friend from China kiss her new husband at the altar!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random Cuteness

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another Perspective.

Tiff has started her own blog... and you need to check it out.

*and yes, she'll kill me for posting this picture, but I couldn't help myself.  I had worse. :P

My Brudders...

I have been thinking a lot lately of how thankful I am for my brothers...  they are so amazing.

So tho this probably doesn't mean anything to you, I just want to take a minute and publicly recognize them for how loving they are.  I very rarely ever ask Timothy or Christopher to do anything that they say they won't do.  

The other day I needed to take a box of pineapples out to the car.  It was cold and snowy.. so I asked Timothy if he would carry them out and start my car.  Without even a complaint, he said yes, stopped what he was doing and did it.  

Both him and Christopher always treat us with respect - well, most of the time :P - and I appreciate that.  Most of our girlfriends' brothers brush them aside in public and don't give them the time of day.  Our brothers walk the high road in that respect.

And I just wanted to say I'm thankful for that.  

:: Here they are in their typical guy moments ::

* Ok, so maybe that's not so guy...

Monday, December 1, 2008

I am excessively happy

Winter has finally come.

3 Camels, 2 Soldiers, 1 Leopard

Our church has a Live Animal Christmas Play every year.  They always have a big cow, horse, donkey, chickens, sheep, and all other furry four legged creatures inside the church!  This year, God lined up all the pieces for us to get three camels, a leopard cub and Dexter - the monkey in 'Night at the Museum' to be in our play.  

Yes, the monkey from that movie!  This animal trainer dude's furry friends are famous!  They've been in all kinds of movies, documentaries, etc.  

Friday night, Washington held their annual lighted, Christmas parade.  We all dressed up in our costumes and walked in the frigid night air.  My little toes in the sandals where half gone from frostbite by the time we made it back to the church.  

It was a good parade.  It will be an rockin' good play.

Seeing my brother dressed in a skirt... priceless.