Wednesday, December 17, 2008



It's been an ungodly long time since I've posted anything of value... well ok, anything for that matter!
I could say I've been busy with our church's Live Animal Christmas Play, but that's been over for almost a week.

I could say I've been busy training to be a bus driver, but that's only for a couple hours in the morning this past week.  

I could also say that all the preparation for my DOT CDL test has been preoccupying my mind every minute of my night and day, but it's not true since I've done other thinking and talking in that time.  

I could say Christmas shopping has been a nightmare, but that's not really true.  I only started a couple days ago and it's 98% done as we speak.

I could mention the fact that I returned that dumb Sprint wireless card cuz it could hardly be classified as high speed in our house.  But that doesn't really count since I've been at some wireless internet spot somewhere almost everyday day in that past several weeks.

You probably would definitely believe me if I said Bring Me Hope work has been insanely cram-packing my afternoons, but once again, it's not true.

So why haven't I been around?!?

I guess I won't make any excuses.  I just haven't.

So lest you think I care none at all for you faithful readers... I will say that I've had a number of extra babysitting jobs lately - spent some time at my old nanny family's this week, I have been eating, drinking and sleeping all the parts to a school bus in preparation for my test tomorrow morning - seriously, do I really care where the slack adjusters, U-Bolts, steering linkage, or volt meter is?!?  

Just wanted to bring you up to speed on my life right now.  Do pray for me early tomorrow morning when I attempt the pass this goofy CDL test.  I'll be out in the sub-zero temperatures, freezing my little rear off while I explain how that 'ole yellow monster is put together!  

Then it will be off for Clinton where I'll watch my dear friend from China kiss her new husband at the altar!



My Bright Corner said...

Merry, merry Christmas!

the great excavation said...

*laughs insanely*
Thanks for the update girly;-) Will be praying. I just hope those "bus" kids are still in one piece when you take them home;-p I'm just kiddin''ll get 'em there....none the less you'll get them there:-) Hehe. I enjoyed the play last sat. high speed?? Whats that?!? Didn't know that existed in the boonies....Hmm...;-/ Well,
G2G...Merry christmas W/ a capital "C"!!! Love you & miss you guys. mean it!!! Love, Mickey

photozmom said...

I KNOW you have been busy BUT we all miss you !!!! Hope you have a great weekend and we will expec some pics of the wedding next week!:O) OH, by the way....Has Tiff been doing all that stuff with you ???????????????? She isn't posting either!!! Come on girls !!!! Hope to !!! Love you both !

Olivia Coy said...

I was sooo close to thinking you guys had gotten lost in cyberspace or something. :wink:

Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

So another 3 weeks till the next post then:-)

Carm said...

Merry Christmas!!!!