Monday, December 1, 2008

3 Camels, 2 Soldiers, 1 Leopard

Our church has a Live Animal Christmas Play every year.  They always have a big cow, horse, donkey, chickens, sheep, and all other furry four legged creatures inside the church!  This year, God lined up all the pieces for us to get three camels, a leopard cub and Dexter - the monkey in 'Night at the Museum' to be in our play.  

Yes, the monkey from that movie!  This animal trainer dude's furry friends are famous!  They've been in all kinds of movies, documentaries, etc.  

Friday night, Washington held their annual lighted, Christmas parade.  We all dressed up in our costumes and walked in the frigid night air.  My little toes in the sandals where half gone from frostbite by the time we made it back to the church.  

It was a good parade.  It will be an rockin' good play.

Seeing my brother dressed in a skirt... priceless.

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the great excavation said...

Your hair is getting really long Nic....Or maybe I just haven't seen or talked w/ ya'll in a long time;-( I spose the monkey was to famous to post a picture of him:-) I miss you guys ALOT!!!! see ya....Mickey