Monday, December 1, 2008

I am excessively happy

Winter has finally come.


FiveGreers said...

Winter hasn't quite hit like that out here in CA. No snow, just foggy nights and mornings.
Besides, winter is COOOLLLDDD! And I like the warm sunshine.
Out here, snow is a place to visit and play in for the day, then go back home to a hot bath and fire in the fireplace, just because we WANT one not because we NEED it!!
We're so spoiled out here!!!

the great excavation said...

Okay Nicole....I think a bolder from the sky came down and smacked you right on the head...Your happy winter is "here"?!?!?! Not JUSST happy, but EXCESSIVELY happy?!?! But...technicly winter isn't officially here for 19 days tho'. Don't get me wrong, I love snow! Just not when the forcast says "WORSE THAN LAST YEAR"!!! Okay, so it's not like were gonna DIE...although, somedays it seems like it....i'll stop now. but it is COLD out! I miss the flip flops!
Love, Mickey.....

Morgan Coy said...

see in years past (well, besides childhood, of course) I never really cared for snow. And now I keep saying PLEASE JUST 6 OR 8 INCHES LORD!!!! I really really really want it to snow. And I'm semi-excited for Christmas which NEVER HAPPENS! So I am waiting to be excessively happy!!! let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW. =)