Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kitchen Day

The kitchen where our food is going to be cooked all summer was somewhere on the rating scale around F --- 'F' for FAILING!  We 'coerced' the entire team to help out so we weren't there all weekend.  They were threatened at the point of having food and toilet paper withheld from them... here's how it went!

Bethany and I... the head of food and kitchen cleaning.

Surveying the situation

Our friend, Boulder, helping clean the floor... he's one of the most joyful members of our staff team.

Washing dishes...

Sam diligently scrubbing the floor... with water flying past

This is a food safety person's worst nightmare... the area above the stovetop.

Angela cleaning one of the many grease saturated walls.

I was the official keeper-of-the-bleach since it is a precious commodity here

A part of our stack of dirty dishes to clean before eating.

A small sample of the greasy walls...

Christy, Charissa, and Bethany - part of the dish washing crew

'I am woman, hear me roar!'

Rinsing down the scuzzy floor.

That kitchen took a total of 60 man hours to clean... and we did it in one morning.  As our dear friend Adam would say, "Well done!"


Anonymous said...

wow! alot of words come to mind that would fit. i think i'll stop with wow. i'd be here all day. but hey... if any one can do it... it's your team! you guys rock!

ohh... one quick question. how did you get it done in one morning if it took 60 man hours? or maybe i didn't understand what you said. (you know you always have to explain it for me.) ;)

ok. now i feel stupid cause i think i just made a fool of myself with that question. so now i have to go under as anonymous. :)

love you girl friend!

Anonymous said...

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email your log in name and i'll try to contact you

love ya

The Great Excavation said...

Talk about cleanup on isle 3!!!
Looks like a busy day (and possibly a dirty one too=). Judging by the pictures, it looks like you have had a "simply Marvoulas" time..Love ya & miss ya thooow vewy mucsh ;-p

Anonymous said...

I Don't know what this says about me, but I noticed that in all the pics of me, I'm always resting while everyone else is working. Maybe I should feel convicted about that

Adam said...

That last comment was from Adam