Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Coming Soon...

Just thought I would let you all know what you are waiting for! I have a whole slew of great posts that are justing waiting to be posted... wow, that's profound! *grin*

:: When you make a kid a cookie
:: Of Committees and Cherry Donuts
:: More from China -- Eliana
:: Where's Your Treasure??
:: And anything else that sounds randomly appealing!
-- Do anyone have a preference on what I post first?! --
And for those of you who enjoy using your camera, I suggest that you try carrying it around with you for one week, wherever you go! I have been doing this the last several days and have gotten so many things on record that are great fun, but would have missed otherwise. Try it and you'll see what I mean!
Until then... happy trails!

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Anonymous said...

I vote fo "OF Commitees and Cherry Donuts"!!