Friday, April 11, 2008

A Hug From God

As I was leaving the Gehman's this afternoon after work, Jackson opened the door just before I got into my car.
"Nicole! Did you get your purse?!" I held it up to show it was in my hands. "I love you to the Milky Way!!"
(You have to understand that we describe our love by how far it goes. Starting with loving you to the sun, then the moon, the stars, and ultimately, the Milky Way!)

So of course I hollared back, "I love you to the Milky Way too, Jackson!"

Thank you God for that hug from you today!

* * *

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The Chmelars said...

ohh that is so cute:)love ya, grace

~Tori~ said... sweet!

goofy girl said...

So sweet!!! Jackson is so cute! How funny that he asked you if you forgot you're purse.
Luv ya Nic!!!