Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Answer - Part 6

Olivia asked:
1. Do you have a fav. Disney character and why?
Not really... we didn't have a tv for most of my middle growing up years... so I don't particularly have a fav... well, I do love Nemo in Finding Nemo! Actually, I love his dad, Marlin, more! I totally love the turtles... and also am in love with Dorry!!!
2. If you could decorate your room in anyway how would you do it?
Anything that would be more organized... but in a trendy, fashionable way!
3. What's your fav. sport to play?
I really like baseball/softball... notice I didn't say I am good at it!
4. Who's your fav. author besides those in the Bible.
Elisabeth Elliot (are you seeing a trend here?!)... Laura Ingalls Wilder... Dr. Suess...
5. What's your fav. quote (I might have already asked this)?
"Wherever you are, be all to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God." Jim Elliot
6. Do you have any hobbies?
I like blogging... reading... shopping... is that a hobby?!
7. When did you become a Christian (this one might have already been asked also)?
I asked Christ into my heart when I was about five or so, be really rededicated my life to him when I was almost fifteen.
8. What's your fav. scent of soap?
9. Would you ever dye your hair and if so, what color?
No... I love my red hair!
10. Did you ever wish you had and older sibling or do you like being the oldest? Why or why not?
I like being the oldest... tho' I always wanted an older brother! I just thought that would be really cool to have a big guy lookin' out for you, besides your dad!
11. What was your fav. children's book as a child?
This is bad... but I don't really know. But I did really like 'The Rumpoles and Barleys' stories!
* * *
Ok, guys... you all did an awesome job with all the questions! I wish the contest was going longer... I've had a lot of fun! I know that I have not gotten all the questions answered yet... but never fear, they will be entered into the final count tomorrow! I want to answer the questions with some coherant-ness... which I think I am loosing at this late hour. So stay tuned for the winner which will be announced tomorrow morning... and then the rest of your questions answered soon after! Thank you all again! I hope you have had as much fun and that you know me a little bit better!

We'll talk again soon...

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Olivia Coy said...

I always wanted an older brother too. It's kinda like that now since my bro got taller than me! Olivia