Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Mechanics...

Good morning girls! I am really excited to find our winner!! Here's how it will work...
This is the list of girls who have asked questions during my contest. I will be using the Integer Generator from to draw the winner. Your entries will be processed: as an example, say that Mikaela ask 5 questions, Louise asked 3, and Morgan asked 3 also. The entries would look like this:
Mikaela 1-5
Louise 6-8
Morgan 9-11
Then when I enter the numbers on the Integer Generator... and the number 3 would come out, Mikaela would be the winner! I hope this makes sense...
So here's the order of the number of everyone who entered the contest, in no special order:
Mikaela - 1-13
Tori - 14-30
Lydia - 31- 45
Allison - 46- 51
Alyssa - 51
Olivia - 52-88
Louise - 89
Morgan - 90-104
Sam - 105
Chelsey - 106-119
Ann - 120-142
Bridgette - 143-148
Kim - 149-151
Which came to a grand total of 151 questions asked! I am going to go enter the numbers into the Integer Generator and come back and post our winner!!! Good times!!

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