Friday, May 16, 2008


DISCLAIMER: Anyone who chooses to read this post and view the pictures must solemnly promise they will never use them as blackmail on any of the Chmelar girls in the future. This post is to warn those who will be warned about how delicate eyes are and we hope that you read it only with seriousness. (Silent, secret laughs are permitted) Thank you for your consideration!

* * *

This is what happens when an eye gets hit with an open cell phone.
My brother told me this is what I get for trying to kiss a boy. (He was two for crying-out-loud!) *smile*
This is what happens an eye when a little hand reaches in from behind and scratches the eyeball!
This is what happens to eyes when they have been awake for 40 hours... with only a 3 hour nap!


Lydia said...

Silent, secret laughs are permitted.......:-) LOL!! looks dangerous.... why were you up for
40 hrs???

~Tori~ said...

Wow....doesn't look like you guys and eyes mix real well...looks painful! :-)

Hey, would you mind if I listed your blog as a favorite of mine on my blog? Just let me know! :-)

Seth said...

Yall are.....crazy! :P ;) I've done a few of those LONG NO SLEEP things.....working... :P

Anonymous said...

Only Nicole.......

Mama Yoder said...

Beauty is in the "EYE" of the beholder:)