Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Lesson With Chopsticks

Recently Tiff made this amazing stirfry that really meritted the use of chopsticks... so I dug out the set that my translator friend, Sophie, gave me as a gift last year.  It was hilarious watching everyone struggle with the new utensils... I thought you should see what it was like!

(Notice the fork hidden between the chopsticks!)

The Digression in Eating with Chopstickes


~Tori~ said...

That looks really hard...good thing I dislike Chinese food! :-)

The Great Excavation said...

So Tiff, did you just give up? Or were you just not patient enough to get it all down?=)
That is hilarious; ya'll just make me laugh so hard!!! Tiff was telling me about that today.

See ya'll later,