Friday, May 2, 2008

Answers - Part 8

Ruth Ann asked:
1. What is your favorite hymn?
I don't know that I really have a fav... I do like Amazing Grace tho'!
2. What is your favorite hymn-writer?
Can't really say for sure on this one... so I'll say all of 'em! *smile*
3. Do you like poetry?
Yes... especially kid books written in rhyme!
4. Do you have a favorite poem?-
I like 'If'.
5. What is your favorite book (besides the Bible, which should be 1st!)-
Passion and Purity.
6. What is your favorite book series?-
I really like the entire Little House series, including the stories of her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother!
7. What do you like to do to relax?-
Sit and do nothing... *smile* ... I like talking on the phone, reading, watching movies, etc.
8. Do you like scoring good deals?-
9. Are you scared of bees? or are you like, really brave?-
Only if I am being swarmed by an entire hive. Or if one's right in my face. Oh yeah, usually brave when it comes to most stuff.
10. Is it hard being a big sister? (ok, this one is coming from someone who IS a big sister...
Sometimes... but I love it on a normal day!
11. Did you ever wish you had a big sister yourself?-
Not as much as I wished for an older brother!!
12. How old were you when the youngest of your siblings was born?-
Fourteen and a half... to the day!!
13. Do you like staying up late at night?-
Do girls like chocolate?!?! YES! I would way rather stay up late and sleep in. Usually my schedule is more like stay up late, get up early! Arghhh!
14. Is it hard for you to get up in the morning?-
If you didn't gather from the previous answer... yes!
15. What is your favorite fruit?-
16. What missionary 'of old' do you admire? (one stand out?? I know, there are a lot!)
Mary Slessor... Amy Carmichael... Gladys Aylward
17. What is your favorite month of the year?
Hmmm.... I love fall. So I guess October. But I LOVE December too!
18. Do you like driving?
LOVE it!!!
19. Do you help out with grocery shopping for your family?
I used to... then our shopping habits changed.
20. Do you like balancing your checkbook, or does it drive you bonkers, or do you not have one?-
I HATE IT!!! And I won't say anymore. (My family better not comment on this one!)
21. Do you like challenges?
As a general rule... yes!
22. What is the best deal you've gotten?
Depends on what you are talking about... I've gotten brand new skirts for as little as a couple dollars... brand new stuff for my hope chest for really cheap... I've gotten some necklaces from Aeropostle for a couple dollars. I LOVE bargain shopping!!!
23. Where have you found the nicest skirts to wear? (thinking of modest, pricing, quality, etc,..)
I've gotten a lot of nice stuff from Christopher and Banks... but also second hand shopping.

Lydia asked:
1. What kind of vehicle did you take your drivers test in?
A Ford Taurus.
2. Are you an Artist? (drawing/painting)
Unfortunately not.
3. Do you get poison ivy??
Not too bad...
4. How many states have you lived in?
Only two... Illinois and Iowa, but about 11 times in the two states.
5. Would you go sky-diving?
Only by supreme grace from God.
6. Are you camera shy?
7. What makes you laugh?
My family... kids... clean humor...
8. Ever gone canoing?
Yes... many years ago. And I must say it was a rather crabby experience for me. But that's another story for another day. *smile*

There are a couple more questions coming from a friend... but they are questions that require essays... so watch for them later! Thanks again, guys, this was a blast!!! Let me know if any of you decide to do one on your blog!! Good times!

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Lady Ruth Ann said...

oh yay!! Thanks for answering my questions :) That was a lot of fun. Umm yeah, the staying up late is SO TRUE! It is much easier to stay up late and sleep in. I guess that's a girl thing or something...but then I have to get up, so that's what makes it difficult. :(