Monday, June 25, 2007


I guess I've never actually posted when exactly I leave and return. So for all you wondering folks, here's the low-down:

July 13; 9:31 am - Fly out of Cedar Rapids
July 13; 10:33 am - Arrive in Chicago (special prayer at this time; I hear it's a big airport!)
July 13; 12:40 pm - Fly out of Chicago on a Boeing 747 for Bejing! for hours and hours and hours - thirteen to be exact!

July 14; 3:00 pm (About 2:00 am Central time) - Arrive in Bejing!!! (special prayer at this time too, since I will have already been awake for about twenty hours and it will only be afternoon!)

...have the best ten days in my life...then say goodbye to my new, close friends!

July 24; 4:20 pm (About 3:20 am Central time) - Fly out of Bejing
July 24; 4:13 pm - Arrive in Chicago (Wow! I actually will gain three minutes!)
July 24; 6:45 pm - Fly out of Chicago
July 24; 7:48 pm - East or west, home is best!!!

Continued thanks to everyone for their prayers. It will be great to know I have to many dear friends lifting me before the Father!

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Anonymous said...

nicloe i will be praying for you like crazy while you are gone!!

i am going to miss you like soo much...your sis,gracita