Saturday, August 4, 2007

Still Here!

Hey guys!
Sorry I have not posted yet - I am having technical difficulties with posting pictures. It will be coming soon. Sorry!
Oh!!! Go to and search for 'Bring Me Hope Diary' and if you play the movie clips 1.1-1.5, you will see what I did the week I was in China! That will tie you over til I get this other thing figured out!


gg said...

nic please post!!!
it was a blast this weekend.. love you,gracie

Anonymous said...

still no post!!!
anonymous, sigh:(

christina said...

LOL, wow Nicole, I had no idea you went to CHINA!!!!! and fell in love... how could you not??? I love, love, love China and part of my heart will always be there. I'm going to try to find your videos now =)

Chels said...

Nicole, do you have a new blog that I don't know about?? Or have you just not posted in AGES?? Can't wait to hang out w/ you this week end!! ~Chels

Nicole Marie said...

Chels... no, no new blog and yes, i will be posting soon... i am convicted. :)
stay tuned!