Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do you know...

...that Christmas is coming right around the corner???

::Don't forget to enjoy the ride::

It's truly a wonderful life!


Kaysie said...

Hello Nicole Marie!
Thank you for the comment you just left on my made my day! :)
I am looking forward to reading your blog as well!
Thanks again!
In Christ,

Bethany said...

What a darling picture, Nicole!!! I love it! I think I need my own copy of it... :)

(((hugs))) to you!

Andrea said...

Hang on and enjoy the ride... I like that!

Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog! It really blessed me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nic! I love your new picture! Yah, Christmas is really comin' up...Miss ya, dear!!
Alli B.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe it! Christmas is right around the corner, even though it seems like it was just the 1st of December!


Bethany said...

Hey Nicole!
The picture I posted most recently is from our time at Silver Dollar City...their decorations and light displays are simply amazing!

And concerning the photo shoot I did....the family lives 15 miles from us. It is a long story how we met: We originally knew Toby (the dad's) family, and were actually invited to his wedding and couldn't made it.

Fast foward several reading blogs, a girl named Brittney begans commenting on our blog. (She is better known as Alethiea Liberty -- have you ever been on her blog?!) From reading hers, we found her sister's blog, and while enjoying reading it, she one day posted pictures of her kids and husband...only for us to realize it was Toby! :)

At that time they lived 4 blocks from us here in Seward... One knows the on-line world is active when you meet your neighbors on the world wide web before you do in real-life! A very precious family that we enjoy seeing when the opportunity arises.

(((hugs))) to you! Do you have all your Christmas shopping done yet?!