Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For You

Who wanted to hear our family sing.


Anonymous said...

ok...now get back to work and quit playing with the mac:)
The Mommy

the great excavation said...

AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! You were all right on key.......Gotcha!!! You need voice training!!! Wait....I take that back!!!!!!!!! Your poor teacher!!! It would be too risky! Sorry;(

That made for a good laugh tho'.....but painful on the ears!! Ya know, food is my insparation too! but ya'll might wanna lay off the food cuz' it makes voices........well, soun like the video;-p ain't I funny?!? well I will stop blabbering and get back to work:(

I would say love ya'll but...uhh...someedays I wonder;-/ Just kiddin'!!! Mickey

P.s thanks for posting! I will now check your blog every day.................unless;-/ ya know what I mean;-)
You are so fun to tease!!

photozmom said...

SOOO fun !!!! I loved the WHOLE thing....Well maybe NOT the "squeak". Looking forward to more from your talented family !!!

Morgan Coy said...

I loved this! sooooo creative nichole! i can't wait to REALLY hear you guys do what you do. *grin*


Olivia said...

Um...like was that you guys playing the instruments??? That was like jaw dropping amazing. I can't wait to actually hear some realy voices tho!!!


Seth said...

I say honey and water.....buy one of those bug spray bottles and fill it with honey and water! ::nod's head:: spray that stuff in your mouth...Lol...(if you dont know what Im talking about you need to see that Andy Griffith show) :D

Kathy said...

I really think you sang too much in this video! :)