Sunday, December 23, 2007

Is It Only Me??

I love every part of the Christmas season! I love all the festivities. I love all the traditions. I love the excitment and anticipation.

Does anyone else love these things too? Am I the only one who relishes the truly last minute shopping? Loves everytime the forcast calls for snow? Gets so excited at planning the special gifts for family and friends?

I never understand why people want to avoid the holiday crowds... there seems like such a festive spirit in the air. I love being able to wish the cashiers and anyone else "Merry Christmas!!" Have you ever felt that wrapping gifts just doesn't seem right without Christmas music playing in the background?! And isn't it just the greatest thing to walk through the isles of your favorite stores and hear your favorite Christmas songs!?! It's even better that while searching for the perfect gift and you can belt out "Rockin' around the Christmas tree, have a happy holiday"!!! I also love hearing the precious words announcing the birth of our Saviour rolling across the speakers at Wal-Mart! What a great time of year... my only regret is that it's almost over. But hooray!!! It's coming again next year!

:: Enjoy these last few hours of the almost-holiday.
:: Tell everyone you can, "Merry Christmas!"
:: Hug a child.
:: Eat some chocolate.
:: Sniff a Christmas candle.
:: Plan something special for Christmas dinner.
:: And take as many moments as you can to thank Jesus for beinging the bestest gift of all!

Happy Eve-of-Christmas-Eve!

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The Chmelars said...

love your post:)thanks for all the last minute shopping we did togther!it was fun...can't wait until tonight:)chocolate hugs,gra