Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh the agony!

::Do you know::

- the desire to tell the delightful events that are happening around our house these past couple weeks??
- the terrible pains that come from having hundreds of pictures to post as visuals with those stories (well, okay, maybe not hundreds, but surely dozens!!)
- the sorrow that comes from the knowledge of what ya'll are missing out on!!
- even more the need-to-bite-the-bullet-pain that comes from not being able to share?!?!

::But don't be discouraged, because I have decided to pull myself out of the slump I have been in because of the above mentioned facts. The primary reasons being as follows:

1) Due to the kind actions of my bosses in allowing me borrow their flash drive to transport pictures and use their very speedy high-speed computer, I will be able to post pictures someday soon. (Soon being after Christmas and New Years.) [Thanks guys, I will always look to you as my benefactor/benefactoress!! Hugs!) BTW, ya'll should stop by and see their most amazingly, beautiful photography work! It's out of this world...

2) And also because I have come to the decision that words only beats silence any day!

Okay, I lastly want to thank you for your faithful reading... I think anyone who still stops by this blog deserves the 'best-blog-watchers-even-when-there-is-nothing' award!


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