Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back With My BFF

I missed this girl so much... this week we are housesitting for our friends and it's a blast. I never realized how much we took for granted just being able to stop and talk about anything and everything at whatever moment of the day. I wish I had a word counter to know how many we've passed back and forth since I got home two weeks ago.
I love ya Tiff!
(PS. For all my friends not from here, you have to come visit to try these amazing cinnamon rolls from the Kalona Bakery. They are to die for... and this was my first one since being home!!)


The Great Excavation said...

How fun;-) So you haven't lost any animals yet have you? *Stares at computer with daring eyes* I'm just teasing, maybe=) We'll Nic, have some more fun with your BFF this week!
P.s they probably have word counters somewhere in the universe...

Anonymous said...

I'm on my way!!:-)