Thursday, September 11, 2008

Old Maidhood

So as we may have mentioned multiple times before, Tiff and I are housesitting for going on two weeks now.  It has been fun trying out 'Old Maidhood' ... and we're having fun doing it -- at the moment that is.  (Preferably not permenantly)

Here's what happened around the big house today.

Tiffany texting and feeding her face.

Me... well, what can I say.  I was working.  Emptying and filling the dish washer, 

making tea... and doing all other sorts of odd jobs.

It's a good day.



Don said...

I'm sure Tiffany did her share. Somehow those pictures must have gotten "lost". ;)

Abi Maske said...

Tiff texts?!?! I must have her cell #!!! ;)

The Great Excavation said...

YOU ATE CORN WITHOUT ME!!!!!!! I just can't believe it:-p I think you too had WAY too much fun (especially on the dry erase board). I by teh way I found "something of Tiffanys".