Tuesday, January 25, 2011

California's Wilderness Park

The super amazing fiance {eeeekk!! kinda like the sound of that!} always has such amazing date ideas. For example our bittersweet celebration of our one year anniversary, January 11. Bitter because my flight out of town was leaving that afternoon. Sweet because I have had one whole entire amazing year with the super duper hunk of a dude!! BooooYAH!!

We got up early and had breakfast at a little cafe. Then Adam whisked me away to show me the local 'Wilderness Park'.

Now before you bust a gut like I want to, read this whole post and see all the amazing pictures of pure wilderness. Seriously guys. It's worth a trip to California to just experience it!!


My hubsy-t0-be practices signing our names together. He says I should get used to it. Riiight on Captain.

- - - -

Ok guys. Do you see all these trees?! I mean, come on. It was amazing. We searched and searched and searched {for a whole 5 minutes} to find the perfect kissing tree to take our kissless pictures in. {Yeah, kinda a let down I know. I mean, what are kissing trees without the full-on kissing that goes with it?!}


{super patience man models for me while I set up the self-timer}


Yeah. Can you see the breathtaking wilderness in this photo?! {Ok. Try to mentally block out all those houses and smog in the background... yeah?! No. Ok.}

- - - -

Enter perfect tree. And the {slightly less than perfect} saga that follows:


IMG_2799 IMG_2810 IMG_2813
{Boyfriends climbs tree} {waits for Girlfriend to set up camera} {Both bustin' a move trying to get into places}

Sad to say, we never made a successful go of that photo attempt. Instead I massively cut up my fingers while trying to scale the tree in the 6.298 seconds the camera waits before firing. This is the second time I've cut myself while climbing trees with Captain Awesome. He really ought to ban me from the activity.

OR .... maybe we should have read the wilderness park instructions before we roamed the area. How did I miss the part that clearly states:

"Climbing in trees is prohibited"

Here we thought they were going all Nazi on us. When REALLY they were only trying to protect us from their killer, cutting trees. If I had only known.



- - - -

Seriously guys. Hanging out with this guy rocks my world every second of every day.


And I really think I {L O V E} him...



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what a cool blog! and congratulations on your engagement!

Timmy said...

Very old entry, but I got to admit that the photos look spectacular.

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