Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Introducing the Rest of My 'Family'

I have been really blessed the past seven months to work for some amazing people; nannying their kids. I have talked about them occasionally, but thought I should formally introduce them so you know who I hang out with everyday!
So here they are!!
* * *
I am at the Gehmans Tuesday thro' Friday. I can't say for sure, but I attempt the keep their domestic life in order. (I guess they would be the best judge of that!) I love these kids so much... they almost feel like my own.
We do everything together... eating, cleaning, reading, library trips, scouting around the local children's museum, making cookies, and everything else.

Jackson - 3

Alana - 2 on Friday

This is the very beautiful and talented, Jodi. My boss. *smile* I really appreciate her spirit of flexibility and happiness. She's one of four reasons I love my job!
* * *
Mondays, I spend the day at the Millers. This is really fun because I have been babysitting for Dawsyn and Grady for about a year. It's been fun watching them grow since then and also the cutest addition to their family, Sophie.

Dawsyn - 3
Grady - 2

Sophie - 7 months
(Sandwiched between Dawsyn and I with their cousin, Aravis on the right.)

Mandi is such an amazing, adorable dear and has become a great friend. We have had many days to connect hearts. I have been so blessed with her gift of encouragement. Amazingly, we have had some of the same struggles and her advice and encouragement is uplifting! Love ya, dear!
* * *
What a blessing it has been to work for people of like belief. It's amazing what a difference it makes. Thanks to all you guys for opening your hearts and homes to me. I have made so many great memories and I love you and your kids so much!
I look forward to many more good times to come!


Olivia said...

Hi Nicole,
Okay I have a question just out of curiousity. I always thought nannies were really only used way back when b/c the parents didn't want to bother with their kids. It obviously isn't so with the families you nanny for, but I don't understand why they need nannys? Hope you guys are all feeling better! Love, Olivia

Anonymous said...

Nic, I think you nanny just as an excuse to hang out with those adorable kiddos all day;-)

Luv Ya!

The Champ