Friday, February 22, 2008


Despite the fact that my friends in California are basking in sunshine and playing on the beach, I am loving all this cold! I guess I'm a true Iowa girl, I love snow. Now don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine and warmth too. I love the first traces of spring. Barefoot days. Budding trees. I love swimming in our big pool out back. Popsicles on blistering days. I love the colors of the fall. Unpacking all those cute sweaters and jackets. Shorter days. Warm bonfires on chilly nights. And yes, I love winter. No, it's not because my birthday's in December or Christmas too. I love the beautiful snow. Hot chocolate. I mean, what's not to love about driving through sifting snow on a country road that's completely covered. You can take up as much of the road as you want, cuz no one else is there! You weave back and forth, relishing the thought that you feel in the middle of nowhere, but your house is just a mile away. There's the cold that burns your eyes, makes your nose hairs stand on fridged end and all the ooing and awwing over record low temps. And always the evil crunching sound of your boots on the frozen snow.
So for all my friends who don't know what experiencing four distinct seasons is like, this is for you!
It's another day in the life of an Iowan!!
Chris and Tim shoveling me out of the road. (Yes, the road!)

Doesn't our house look like a scene from "The Long Winter"??
* * *
It's a great day to be an Iowan...
and a great to be an American!


Olivia Coy said...

You forgot to mention beautiful sunsets that peak through the sillouetted trees. Ooh and also have you ever heard of snow cream? We just made some last night for the first time in a long time. You get a bunch of clean snow, add some milk, vanilla, and food coloring for fun! It is sooo good. I think Morgan is going to post a recipe for it on our family blog soon! Enjoy the frigid temps. and snowy driving! Olivia

Anne said...

I live in Pennsylvania where we too experience all four seasons. I feel sorry for the people who have one extreme or the other most of the year:o).

Margaret Neufeld said...

Now, we don't have that much snow here in Ontario, but it was a beautiful day for the youth in our church to go snow tubing. I enjoyed reading your blog. God bless!

Bethany said...

Winter is one of my favorite season's. We don't get snow but my Aunt does. We might even get to see snow this year. But all that snow looks like a lot of fun!

shuttersbuddy said...

Can I ask what day of December you birthday is?

Snapped-It said...

well, you can come for the first round now! :)