Tuesday, February 26, 2008


:: My Knight in Icing Armor ::


~Tori~ said...

Hi Nicole!

Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog! :-)

I've enjoyed reading your blog! I look forward to checking back! By the way, it is a great day to be an Iowan! :)

sam said...

wow tim is lookin fine!
i missed the bmh phone call today and was so bummed cause i had to be teaching a class of 30 kids at the time.

Bethany said...

Who is this night in icy armor?

Anonymous said...

OOOOHHHH!!!! TImothy!!!!! How handsome you are!!!!!!!

See ya later sweets!!!!

The Champ

Nicole said...

Hey Bethany -
Timothy is my 14 yr old brother... if you want to meet my whole family, you can go over to our family's blog: chmelarfamily.blogspot.com
Good times!

Margaret Neufeld said...

Wow, it looks like your knight in shining armor is ready to sweep you off your feet just like ice in the winter (literally). Funny how that fits so nicely together.

Anonymous said...

Tim haw cute. i love you. Love Beth