Monday, March 10, 2008

Muddin' - Part 2

Tiffany and I have been getting lots of diverse road experiences this winter on our roads.  It's been a real bonding, spiritual experience.  A couple weeks ago, we went 'muddin', last week it was frozen muddin'.  I don't think I've been quite so scared while driving before!  We just went down the rutted road, crying out to God to help us make it thro without too much damage.  The only vision I could see was us clunking down on some frozen rut, scraping off the bottom of our gas tank, and becoming a smoking hole in the mud!  *shudder*
Thankfully, we did make it out, tho' I was constantly being yelled at by Tiffany "Ride the ridge!"  Alright already, I'm trying, but which ridge do I ride?!  There's about fifty to choose from. *smile*


The Chmelars said...

you are way to GOOD with words:)
the minute mom saw the post she started rolling on the floor with laughter!! love the last picture of tiff...hope you are having a fantabulous ya,grace

Seth said...

LOL!! Y'all just need a truck!! or Jeep! :)

Anonymous said...

Too Funny! What makes me laugh is how you guys capture EVERYTHING on camera! When I am fighting for my life on the mud-ruts, I never think to stop my car, get out, lie down in the main rut and capture this as a memory!!!!!! =) Aren't the roads just "the pits" this year??!! =) (fun pun!)