Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Please Pray.

Will you please all pray with me today for some friends?  We know this really sweet couple from Wisconsin, Russell and Lydia.  They have lived an amazing life for God, serving as missionaries in the Philippines and here in the States.  Russell has a Parkinsons Disease... he has been doing better this past year, but Lydia thinks he may be dying today.
It is really really sad to think of this precious couple being parted in death... tho' we know he is going to a better place.  I wish we could just all pray that he would get better, no matter what.  That he wouldn't have to suffer with Parkinsons anymore.  But we don't know the mind of God.  It may be Russell's time to meet the God he's been serving all these years.  
Will you just pray with us that God's sovern will is accomplished?!  And that His grace may follow thro', no matter what.
Thank you.

Last night, Lydia said that Russell was doing better... by the evening he was able to be up in the kitchen doing dishes!  Thanks for your past and continued prayers!


Olivia said...

How sad. Yes, I'll be praying. A lady that goes to our homeschool co-op just had her husband die yesterday of Lue Garics disease(spelling is wrong). They have a young son and daughter. He actually survived longer than expected and although they are very sad they know he no longer suffers. Olivia

~Tori~ said...

I'll definitely keep this couple in my prayers. May God's will be accomplished and I'll be praying for his dear wife - this must be hard even though she knows he'll be in a better place!