Friday, October 31, 2008

Basketball Education

The boys are playing basketball this year for our church team... when they learned a new offensive play in practice last week, they had to show us...

And our salad was close at to use for people, basketball and hoop.  (And no, we didn't reuse it for the meal!)
Trying to understand...

The set-up



Olivia said...

After sitting through a year of our brothers homeschool basketball games...I still don't get half of the moves. That's probably b/c I missed half of the games because I was talking. You know how it is somebody scores the most awesome shot of the year and your busy yacking...oh the life of a girl! lol.

Life Savior said...

That's cute.

the great excavation said...

That is absolutely HAWAWIOTH!!! 8-)
Dad and chris do that a lot at the table!!! Only...they use knifes and napkins...Amongst other things;-)

That is too fooneee!
love you guys, Mickey!

Kathy said...

I recommend pennies next time! For what it is worth, I played the 3 and 4 spot on defense....not real tall...but aggressive!