Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Chinese Moments.

The last-last assembly was quite the dive... Sam (our guitarist) was finishing the last camp recap video and wasn't there to lead.  Somehow, someway I was recruited for leading the singing.  


I'll just say it was the most unique and scary assembly of all.  

Here's David's reaction...

Here is our leader with a most manly swim cap...


A fellow Iowan, James

Not sure what to say about this... except that if you've not seen the week recap from week 4 with this little production in it, you are missing out!!

If you like this... I'll post more random moments in the near future.

Can you tell I've been thinking of a far off land a lot lately?!?!


the great excavation said...

Haha Nic! Random moments ROCK! (If ya couldn't tell, my answer is yes:-) That would have been amazin' if someone actually video taped that night with out anyone knowing, then later to re-watch it!! Like the other night, huh huh=) luv ya Nikki, Mickey

Amanda said...

Hi Nicole! I really enjoy getting a glimpse of your life. You have a terrific family and it was really great getting to meet ya'll! See ya next week, Lord willing.

Carm said...

Thanks for making posts like this!! I love getting to see what your time was like in years past...and it once again builds the excitement for what is to be in the years to come!
*giggle* Plus, it always helps make my day a little more 'giddy'!