Thursday, January 1, 2009

Breakfast on the Beach-Cliffs

We packed up from our ghetto-beach house on Tuesday morning, traveled to the waterfront and had breakfast on the rocks.  After the boys displayed their manlihood by jumping from little rock to little rock in the ocean - having to get wet and dirty - we ate our cereal and peanut butter and jelly sandwich breakfast.  Worship time after that was so precious... singing songs about God's love being as wide as the ocean comes alive in a new way when you are right there listening to the crashing waves!

We also saw the blow hole down the street - where the water rushes into a hole in the rocks and blows out.  A small bit of shopping finished up our adventures before getting back on the road north.


the great excavation said...

Looking at those pictures makes me miss you A WHOLE, WHOLE bunch Nicole! I love you! It also makes me jeoulas!!! :-) I Love you lots!!! And now I'm so jelous that now I'm speachless!!! Well, I gotta go comment on the other post:-) See ya, Mickey

the great excavation said...

Why did I spell jelous like that?!?! me!