Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My New Year's Renew-sations.

So, you all know how lame I am at new year resolutions.

Ok, so maybe you don't.  Regardless it is such a great time to reflect and renew those things that God is laying on your heart.

Since accountability is such a great thing, I am going to list some things I've been thinking of recently.  Will you, my readers and friends, ask me how I am doing in the coming weeks and months?!

- First of all, I feel like I have lost sight of the love for learning.  Not that I don't still learn, or even don't enjoy it, but I've not been actively pursuing it.  Here are somethings I want to pursue further in the coming months:

- Study Mandrin
- Learn to play the piano better
- Widen my dancing repertoire

-  I have a desire to get to know God in a deeper way.  I want to spur this on with these ways:

- More purposeful Bible study
- Making a physical prayer list to keep requests close 
   at hand/in mind.

- I want to become more physically sound, which includes, but is not limited to:

- Drink more water
- Eat healthier
- Exercise some

- In my relationships, I want to work on communicating better and making more steps towards love in an unconditional way.


Amanda said...

I love your thoughts. It is so true. We need to be constantly bettering ourselves.. I'll help you w/ the piano, but the dancing... hmmm... no help there.

There's a special ingredient to being a better paino player.. its a very simply ingredient... only 8 letters long (if I counted right).. It's.. yep, you guessed it P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E. Did I spell that right?

tiff said...

lol. i'll help you with the healthier part. we'll take a trip to the brennamans and get you some cod liver oil and then you and i are going to start running. but we'll have to do it before i go to work in the morning so we'll start getting up at 5. HEHE can't wait to START!

love you

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA TIFF!!! Now this...I want to watch! 'Twould be funny:-)

I love how you put a "some" in the exercise one. It has charecter=D JK. That was way random...
Oh, and the "not limited to" was pretty awesome, too. See ya babe;-)
HEHEHEHE...I think it's pretty obvies...I don't need to sign my name!

P.s Thanks for taking me to the game! Ya'll ROCK the hut!!!

Morgan Coy said...

I'm almost afraid to make another resolution list...since I think (out of 10) I accomplished 2 and one of them was graduating highschool...which technically wasn't a choice! =D