Thursday, January 15, 2009


So here's this new tagging thing-a-ma-jiggy.  

The tagging is going to the fourth file of pics on your computer, and post the fourth pic there.  (With no cropping or editing.)  Since my fourth file had only two pics, I am posting the fourth pic in both the third and fifth file.

* The first four to comment are tagged!


Amanda said...

You mean you wish you could be my DAD.. not my grandpa! And yes I will adpot. I here, dub thee, nicole, the newest member of our family... adoption complete.. Are we having lessons tomorrow? Are you over your jet leg yet? Let me know.. I'm beginning to think you forgot us.. *snif*snif*

The Brenneman's said...

Funny pics, what does being tagged mean?
Annie Brenneman

Anonymous said...

Ok I am posting a comment so that i will get tagged. So, yeah I am about to post.

Brock Brenneman.

P.S. Prepare yourself. :p

the great excavation said...

Haha! I wonder where the first pic was taken...and where it was taken...Oh! Wow! I'm cool!
Love mik