Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Think That I'm Falling In Love

Falling in love with {Adam Dane Neesby} to be quite exact. As K and I were walking around the gorgeous city of Sydney on Monday night, this song kept poking into my thoughts "It's a grand night for singing, the stars are bright above. The earth is aglow and to add to the show, I think that I'm falling in love. Falling, falling in love!" {sigh} How true that is. I know you are all here to read of my adventures in the wild and wonderful land of Australia, but indulge me for just a moment.

Last night, I was quite distraught with my overwhelming feelings of missing my Captain Awesome. Los Angeles is so far away, as is Monday when I get to run into his strong arms as I bust off the plane. But that's besides the point. I am missing our two hour {plus}, nightly conversations, I am missing being able to text him whenever I want. And all coupled up with that is my plain 'ole missing him in general. Missing just being together. Missing laughing over stupid things with each other. Missing holding hands. ... ... {Yes, yes, I hear you. I will stop now.}

A N Y W A Y S. After typing a rather long, depressing monologue email for him and getting ready to cuddle down into bed, these sweet words popped up on my Skype chat

hey my love! r u still up? u wanna skype really quietly for 5 minutes? skype and type? I miss u soo bad. i love u....

{Insert lots of awww's and maybe a little teary eye.} My sweet, loving, sacrificing man woke up at {what was his} 4:00am just to talk to me. And what was suppose to be 5 minutes turned into well over an hour. How amazing is he?! Seriously. I was touched to my pinky toes and soon my depression turned to sappy delight as we talked and prayed together. {Sigh} I love him.

{Note to my single girlfriends out there. Never, never, P L E A S E never settle. Never settle for second best. Never settle for less than God wants to give you. Never settle for a man who does not want to love you like Jesus loves His church. The waiting is crazy hard. And never fun. But it's so incredibly worth it. And when that hunk of a man comes along and sweeps you off your feet. Treats you like the princess you are. Loves you and sacrifices things for you like Jesus does for His church. You will be smiling at the fuzzies around your heart. And will be so glad you waited. Ok. End of soapbox!}

- - -

I am also falling in love with Australia. The beaches. The cities. The brilliant blue sky. The lights at night. The people. The food. Here's a snapshot {or two or twenty} of our two day trip into Sydney.







It was quite funny how, the city that we thought should come alive at night, actually went quite dead around 8:00pm. We were desperately looking for some delish place to have our dinner, but unless we wanted to pay posh prices for posh food, we had to settle for McDonalds. In Sydney, Australia. Go figure.


The next day, we had breakfast at a tiny sandwich/coffee shop we found near our hostel. Like their tee-shirts said "Come for the coffee, Stay for the service". Our super friendly friend, Harry, had us in stitches as he served us our coffee and carrot cake.

After breakfast, we headed to Manly beach via the big green ferry.


{Note to self: Return to Australia with Captain Awesome after getting married. Return to Sydney. Return to ferry. Go to destination stop 1 on 'My Ferry2'. Stay there for a long time.}




{No, I cannot think summer. It's November for crying out loud. Christmas and Summer will N E V E R be synonymous. Period. End of story.}




{We passed scores of school kids taking part in surf education. Are you serious?! Surf education. I would go back to school in Australia just to be a part of that. Top coolness for sure!}



{If I had to be a pigeon, I would want to live in Sydney. Pigeons are treated right there. You would be allowed to enter the open McDonalds and eat fallen french fries. Awesome. You would be allowed to fly onto the ferries and skitter around til you reach the other side. Adventurous! It would be a good pigeon life to be sure.}



{C H I N A T O W N!!! And my favorite red tea. A little bit of heaven!}


{Eating real aussie food: Kebobs! With open air music by the local police band. Thank you, Manly!!}


- - -

This made me so happy. Just like Brian Reagan talks about, the 'Sprinks-Mix-For-Lunitics'!! I'm still trying to figure out the logic behind this sprinkle design. Hmmm....



Olivia said...

*sigh* I love reading about you and Capt. Awesome. It's like a whimsical real life fairytale.

The pictures are phenomenal. =)

Hayley said...

never never settle, how right you are, Nicole!!

fabulous to read this.

im smiling right down to my pinky toes.

you are a phenomenal communicator.

when you write a book [your love story?] i'll buy it.

Blimey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blimey said...

Congratulations on finding true love and your pictures are so beautiful. I love travelling as well and Australia is high on my list of the next voyage. I also have a blog,Chronicle-of-a-Jetsetter check it out and follow as i will be following your love stories as well.

My Bright Corner said...

I love your blog. I love your posts. I love your pictures. I love the fact that you are crazy in love. !!

I finally did my awkward and awesome Thursday post. Thanks for the link to Sydney's blog. She's hilarious and my new favorite blog to read!

My Bright Corner said...

Oopss...I meant to leave a comment on the above post. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

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Emerald Avalanche said...

Sprinkles on only one side of the doughnut always remind me of Brian Reagan too. Oh, and the Sydney opera house reminds me of LOST.

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