Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today I'm {Loving}


... Enjoying the early morning while tucked into a blue kayak and paddling around an island

... An egg and bacon wrap fresh off the barbeque grill. {Nothing better than the smell of bacon frying in the morning air}

... The color on my arms and legs from this blazing Australian sun {No pastey Midwestern girl for me!}

... Watching my handsome man get all distracted by our Skype date. {He's super cute when he's tongue-tied}

... Blowing him kisses from the land down under

... Talking in excited voices about our upcoming nine days together {nine whole glorious days!!}

... A comforting peace from {Psalms 42}

... A cozy nap and the whole world goes dead around me

... Climbing a big hill and gawking at the blue-green ocean on all sides of me

... Laughing with K as we crumble to the ground in hysteria

... Spoonfuls of cool refreshing {lemon} sorbet after dinner

... Hanging my wet laundry outside in the delicious night air




{what i'm N O T loving}

... Being over {7000} miles from my handsome man's arms

... The kink in my computer screen which makes it only work when opened at a 35 degree angle

... My hair that has gone spastic on me the last week

... The lack of working out with my bro, Tim {my would-be-muscles are disappearing}

... Lyrics of a new song that will N O T leave my head {I actually don't mind this, it's just getting a little over the top}

... Not having hugs from my adorable sisters

... The last {tim-tams} that disappeared from their package this afternoon {I actually am really loving this. It means I can no longer be tempted to eat them}



Amanda said...

oh my word, those are so beautiful! You are such an awesome person Nicole! Miss you much!

Anonymous said...

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